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Lord Ganesha, the one tusked, potbellied Hindu Deity, starts all things auspicious in Hindu homes.

He is worshiped for wisdom, prosperity and luck that He bestows on His devotees.

Looking at the idol of Lord Ganesha, some may wonder why this Deity is considered to be one of the strongest Gods.

In our lives, we encounter questions every day – questions that bog us down and make us feel how to overcome problems and lead a happy life.

Simple ideologies

Lord Ganesha’s ideologies are not esoteric and can be implemented easily if we go by His example.

In His physical form, Lord Ganesha is pot-bellied and has large ears but he has used his stomach to gobble demons and all the food that the arrogant Kubera served.

He has large ears and an elephant’s trunk, but he uses the ears to listen to the woes of the world and the trunk to remove obstacles.

He uses a humble mouse as His vehicle to travel around the world but the humble mouse can carry the mighty Lord.

These ideologies help us deduce that in life, all of us will have limitations that may not pertain not just at the time of our birth but also in situations later in life.

Greatest Wisdom

Lord Ganesha is the God of wisdom. He exhibits other qualities like prosperity, wealth and knowledge. But the reason why He is primarily known to be the one with the greatest wisdom is because a man may have intelligence and wealth, but without wisdom, he wouldn’t know how to direct the two into something fruitful.

Lord Ganesha had the wisdom to write what was dictated to him by sage Vyas.

He also had the wisdom to break his own tusk and write the Mahabharata, when his pen broke. The text is considered to be one of the holiest in the Hindu literature.

The noteworthy aspect of this attribute exhibited by Lord Ganesha is that, it is important to finish what one commits oneself to in life.

We might leave a task in the middle and not mind that it is unfinished if we face a hurdle. If we overcome the fear, we may achieve something that is beneficial to us in the long run.

Lord of the ‘Ganas,’ the destroyer of arrogance, vanity and other inner demons, remover of obstacles, He represents wealth and propagates spirituality.

This encourages us to attain the balance between spiritual growth and the material desires. The desire of wealth and prosperity is not evil, but having no purpose for it for others, who live around us, makes it useless.

Access guaranteed

Being one of the most powerful Hindu deities, He is perhaps the most approachable God.

Due to his countenance and his lessons it becomes easy for everyone to understand and feel secure about embracing his faith.

Though Ganesha’s lessons are tough to implement but the nature in which they have been preached by Him makes it easy for us to understand them.

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