Behold the cultural spectacle of Uttarakhand

Venkat Raman

New Zealanders will get an opportunity to witness the rich cultural heritage of the North Indian state of Uttarakhand at an annual event in April.

‘Baduli 2019,’ a music programme organised by the Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand (UANZ) is scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 21,2019 from 11 am at Avondale College, located at 51 Victor Street in Avondale.

Tickets for the Easter Sunday event are now on sale. Details can be obtained from Kaman Singh on 021-1263586 or Jot Bisht on 021-736759.

‘Baduli’ programmes of the Association usually feature popular instruments including Tabla, Dholak, Bansuri (Indian Flute), Guitar, Keyboard, Octopad in the musical ensemble. Some of Uttarakhand’s indigenous instruments are also shown and played to the public. These may include Dhol Damau and Hudka (types of drums) and Morchang (Jaw Harp).

Home and Away

Known for its pristine natural beauty, Uttarakhand is also dubbed as ‘Dev Bhoomi,’ which means the ‘Abode of the Gods,’ due to a large number of Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres located throughout the state.

‘Baduli’ is a Hindi term used in traditional Uttarakhand folklore which denotes ‘hiccup.’ It is said that when a loved one or relative remembers another from a distance, then the recipient experiences ‘Baduli,’ manifested in the form of hiccups.

The title of the forthcoming programme is certainly appropriate for New Zealanders of Uttarakhandi descent, many of who emigrated young from their home state and have not since returned.

Parents too can look forward to take their New Zealand-born and raised children to this event where they will witness and experience a slice of their ancestral land.

About UANZ

Established in 2013, Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand is an Auckland-based not-for-profit cultural organisation aimed at preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the Uttarakhand state by organising various events and activities all year round.

From its humble beginnings by a group of Uttarakhandis living in New Zealand, the Association has become a registered body governed by an executive committee under its Constitution and Rules.

The objectives of the Association have remained the same – to create awareness among its members of issues in Uttarakhand, build a sense of community amongst its members, and inspire the younger generation for them to remember and pass on their traditional values and heritage.

UANZ is proud to be associated with Starship Foundation and has shown its support every year through donations.

Membership at UANZ is open to all who are passionate about Uttarakhandi culture and heritage. People interested in joining can visit the website, and fill out the membership form online.


What: ‘Baduli 2019’
Who: Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand (UANZ)
When: Sunday, April 21, 2019 from 11 am
Where: Avondale College

51 Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland 1026

Contact: Kaman Singh, Mobile: 021-1263586

Jot Bisht, Mobile: 021-736759


Photo :

  1. Uttarakhand talent comes alive on stage
  2. Women add value with traditional dance

(The above pictures appeared with a report in our February 15, 2016 issue)

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