Billy Te Kahika confronts Labour on fundamental issues

Billy Te Kahika confronts Labour on fundamental issues

Independent MP Jami-Lee Ross sets up Advance NZ Party

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Auckland, August 9, 2020

Billy Te Kahika and Jami-Lee Ross speaking to Media at the launch of Advance NZ Party (Photo for Spin Off by Alex Braae)


Billy Te Kahika, Co-Leader of the newly merged Advance NZ Party will take his fight for democracy to the heart of government by going head to head with Labour Party Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis.

“Our rights and freedoms are being eroded by this Government’s policies, and their failure to delivery for our people up north. Te Tai Tokerau is my home and that of my wife and children whakapapa,” he said.

About Te Kahika

Mr Te Kahika said that he grew up in a state house and that he built an economic base from very humble beginnings from lots of hard work.

“Now I live on a small farm with my whanau, we home school our children and we live a very quiet and humble home life. But we are in a war for our democracy and freedoms, and I decided that as a genuine, everyday Kiwi I would fight to defend our children’s futures. Our people deserve better, and Labour have taken support in the Tai Tokerau for granted every time it is in Government and they have failed to deliver anything for our people,” he said.

According to Mr Te Kahika, Mr Davis has not delivered for Maori or the Maori Tourism Sector as Minister of Tourism.

Kelvin Davis challenged

“Our people are just as poor, just as jobless, just as homeless as they were before and all I see when I examine Labour’s and his performance is they have done literally nothing. And Kelvin is the Number Two in the Labour Party. If Kelvin cannot deliver, it is time for him to step aside and let real leadership with backbone serve our people,” he said.

“Te Tai Tokerau does not tolerate under performing MPs. That is why in the last 30 years, Labour has lost this seat more often than it has won it. I like Kelvin as a person, but now people in this rohe tell me he is just ‘another Kūpapa Maori’ which is tough to hear but is the feedback I am hearing,” he added.

Mr Te Kahika pledged that Advance NZ will deliver greater rights and freedom for New Zealand and real outcomes in the areas that need addressing in Te Tai Tokerau.

Pledge to people

“At the same time, I will stand for the NZ Public Party as the candidate in Te Tai Tokerau. As your MP for Te Tai Tokerau, I will ensure we deliver more jobs for our people, more economic hope and opportunity, and more housing, but housing projects that will enable more Maori ownership. Not just simple social housing that equates to continual offering of a road to nowhere and in a slum, low socio economic environment,” he said.

Mr Te Kahika said that there are the fundamental necessities of life that are being lost.

Maori are living in cars and tree huts, underlining that a government under Labour continues to fail.

“I am a small businessman and entrepreneur. I will bring together agencies in the north to create real business based economic development opportunities. We will fast track work to bring the Auckland Port to the North to create jobs. We will invest in high quality fast build housing to speed up new homes for our people, and housing near the new sources of employment.

Harnessing natural resources

“We will work with our whanau, hapu, and iwi to make greater use of our natural resources to generate jobs and grow our local economy.  Local projects such as Maara Kai projects will also have some priority so that we utilise our whenua to feed our whanau and create income,” he said.

Mr Te Kahika added, “That is how our nation started: Maori living from the land, surviving with the land, and in control of our own destiny. If the Tai Tokerau sends Billy Te Kahika to the Beehive, Billy Te Kahika will bring back our own putea for our own people and our own future,” he said,

Mr Te Kahika said that he will fight hard to get the best, not just as political speak but from a sense of it being time for justice and outcomes for our people.

About Advance NZ Party

The Advance New Zealand Party was established recently by Jami-Lee Ross, current Member of Parliament for Botany, and an MP since 2011.

He said that the Party aims to give a voice to the voiceless who are being ignored by the two big party blocs sitting on the left and right of politics.

“Many New Zealanders are dissatisfied with the offering of current political parties in New Zealand. Our politics has become a division between the two party blocs sitting at opposite ends of the table, never working together. There are no calm, common sense voices, existing in the middle-ground, advocating ideas and policies for everyday New Zealanders,” he said.

Mr Lee Ross said that politics does not need to be about partisanship and parties constantly attacking each other.

Long-term solutions and wins

“We can come up with political solutions and achievements that deliver real long term wins for Kiwis. The most serious issue to emerge off the back of the Coronavirus pandemic is how our country deals with China. No one seems willing to address this. Like it or not, the World ended up in that mess because the Chinese Communist Party dealt with Coronavirus like a political problem. They threw western journalists out of the country, ramped up their propaganda machine, and hid their real problems away so the World never could see,” he said.

Mr Lee Ross said that unfortunately for New Zealand, we have become so dependent on Chinese Communist Party-linked money that no political leader will ever stand up to China. The main parties are heavily funded by foreign influences, or they have signed agreements from which they will not depart.

“The once courageous political leaders of the past have disappeared. The current ones are quiet, hiding behind fear of a backlash from China. In the last year, I have been the only MP to properly vote for a ban on foreign donations. I’ve seen up close the damage it does,” Mr Lee Ross said.

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