BNZ Visa on Android Pay Wallet

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BNZ customers can load their BNZ Visa credit card into their Android Pay wallet, allowing even greater flexibility when it comes to payment choice.

BNZ first launched Android Pay with its Visa Flexi Debit card in December 2016 and has been working steadily to expand the functionality of mobile payments.

The process to load a credit card remains the same as when loading a debit card and BNZ customers are encouraged to do this directly within the BNZ mobile banking app.

Welcome Addition

The inclusion of credit cards in the Android Pay wallet is a welcome addition and takes us one step further in our digital journey, Head of Digital Stephen Bowe said.

Customer preference 

“Right from the beginning our customers have been telling us they would like to use credit cards with Android Pay so it is great to be able to make that a reality. By allowing our customers to choose between different cards when making mobile payments, we are giving them the power to pay in a way that best suits their lifestyle – something that is very important to us.

“We expect this inclusion of credit cards to really ramp up the number of transactions made with Android Pay. We’re also expecting an increase in app downloads as customers decide to give it a go purely because they can use a credit card. All of this combined works to further cement mobile payments into the Kiwi psyche.”

For more information on how you can start paying with Android Pay visit:

BNZ is the Title Sponsor of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2017 and Sponsor of the ‘Supreme Business of the Year’ and ‘Best Large Business’ Category.

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