Broadcasting Amendment Bill drawn from the ballot

Melissa Lee
Wellington, August 16, 2018
A National Party Members’ Bill drawn from the ballot late last week in the name of National list MP Melissa Lee would ensure that broadcasting content funding decisions by the Government are more transparent.
The following is a statement issued by Melissa Lee.
Value for Money
It is important that New Zealanders get value for money in the broadcasting sector, particularly when items funded are controversial or for a non-commercial purpose.
This Bill would require that content funded by NZ on Air and Te Māngai Pāho have their viewership, ratings and other performance tracking data disclosed quarterly.
All funded content regardless of platform and non-music-based radio programming would be reported on and tracked by NZ on Air and Te Māngai Pāho, in order to better maintain and conserve public funding opportunities for the content that New Zealanders care about.
Refreshing disclosures
It would also offer a chance to refresh the existing disclosures and funding analysis by the agencies before projects are confirmed or renewed.
Whether radio, television, multimedia or innovative new content, it is important the public are able to know the full facts behind the funding decisions determined by Crown Agencies.
With more content being funded that are digital only projects and with traditional viewership ratings not including online viewership, it is essential we improve the measurement systems, so that we can ensure the transparency of these funding decisions.
Support sought
I will be approaching Government Representatives and Members across the House who I am sure will support better openness and transparency in our broadcasting sector and hope to see this important matter pass into law.
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