Burglars welcome open homes

Homes that keep windows and doors virtually welcome burglars, according to Manukau Police South Area Commander Inspector Jim Searle.

He said that offenders select such houses, especially during summer.

“The Police seek the support of householders in preventing offences rather than catching the offenders, as a part of ‘Prevention First Strategy.‘ We understand that with this warmer weather, it is tempting to leave doors and windows open for comfort, but do not invite unwanted visitors into your home by making it an easy target,” he said.

Inspector Searle said that it was important to secure doors and windows and set alarms when leaving the house.

Homes in Papakura and Pukekohe have been targeted, he said.

“Pukekohe has been a target for nighttime break-ins, including theft of cars. Anything from alcohol to shoes can be stolen from homes. Readily portable items such as laptops, tablets, phones and wallets are favourites among thieves,” Inspector Searle said.

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