Business Excellence with Ethics and Compliance

Business Excellence with Ethics and Compliance

Presented to Manasa and Indra Sirigiri, Directors, Link2 Group Limited for Business Excellence with Ethics and Compliance

Manasa Sirigiri is a visionary, and her success has been driven not by academic qualifications but by pursuit of excellence. Her husband Indra is an inspiring corporate leader who has built a group of companies known for business ethics and dependability. As the Founder, Manasa invested hard work while Indra brought his experience in business both as an employer and employee to determine the sort of company they wanted Link2 to be- one that works hard for its customers and that treats employees with respect.

The Group today employs more than 400 staff about 60% of who are of Indian ethnicity working with 50 different customers across Auckland.

Award sponsored by Indian Newslink




Manasa (extreme right) and Indra Sirigiri with Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges and Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

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