Call to help Dunedin family in distress

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The officials and members of the Dunedin Tamil Society, the Waikato Tamil Society and the Tamil Association of New Zealand have appealed to all New Zealanders and good-hearted people all over the world to help a family coping with the death of its elder recently.

Ramalingam Chinnaswamy underwent an emergency Open Heart Surgery at the Dunedin Hospital on March 19, 2019. He did not regain consciousness after the surgery but tragically suffered another organ failure and died on March 24, 2019.

Happy landing but..

Mr Chinnaswamy arrived in New Zealand with his wife from their native Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu to celebrate the birth of their grandson, and spend time with their son Balamurugan and Shobana Chinnasamy, who now live in Dunedin. They were earlier residents of Hamilton.

Balamurugan, also known as ‘Chef Bala,’ said that the hospital bill alone is $100,000 which he is unable to pay in view of his meagre income.

“In addition, the cost of transporting the body would be about $10,000,” he said.

No insurance cover

“My parents did not have travel insurance and hence would not be entitled to any insurance pay-out. Never in our wildest dreams did any of us had the remotest thought that our beloved father will suffer a cardiac arrest in New Zealand and require surgery,” Balamurugan said.

The Dunedin Tamil Society and Tamil Society Waikato coordinating efforts to help the grieving family.

Appeal for donations

“Your kind help and support is all that the family needs at this time. Any contribution, however big or small will be appreciated. All the funds collected will be immediately handed over to the family to manage their needs. Donations can be deposited to Account: DTS, Account Number: 02-0912-0325932-00 with ‘Chinnasamy’ as the reference,” a notification said.

Further information can be obtained from Samuel Benjamin, Treasurer, Dunedin Tamil Society on 021-335069.

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Ramalingam Chinnaswamy

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