Carrying voices of communities to serve

Our Christchurch Correspondent Shirish Paranjape is a strong advocate of ethnic representation at various governance roles so that voices are heard and concerns are addressed appropriately.

He currently represents the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board at the Riccarton House and Bush Trust and seeking re-election.

Eventful three years

Shirish said that the three-year term as an elected member was very eventful and enabled him to understand the feelings, needs and aspirations of people.

“As a resident of my ward for over 17 years and with multiple touch points with the local community, I believe that I have been making a difference in the decision-making process, I am well immersed and involved in my community through many avenues including as a Justice of the Peace, a Rotarian, an active member of Christchurch Multicultural Council and as an active participant on web-based forum Neighbourly,” he said.

Shirish believes that the Council Rates should be kept a level that can be at a manageable level and transparency and accountability are maintained in spending ratepayers’ money.

A pledge to the people

“If re-elected, I promise working with the same passion, integrity, transparency and enthusiasm that I have demonstrated in the past years, and to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of people around me,” Shirish said.

Shirish said that Local Elections provide the perfect opportunity for members of ethnic community to try and become representatives of the neighbourhoods in which they live. New Zealand not only allows but also encourages participation.

“So why not make best use of it?” he asked.


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Shirish Paranjape

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