Challenges confront Modi but fortune favours his premiership

A forecast based on the Science of Astrology by a Master

Captain Shekhar Vadke

Auckland, April 20, 2019

Narendra Modi (left) and Rahul Gandhi (right) Picture Courtesy: The Indian Wire

Editor’s Standfirst: This article was sent to us more than a month ago but held back because of the extensive coverage of the Christchurch Massacre on March 15, 2019. Polling has begun across India with about 900 million eligible voters exercising their franchise in more than one million polling booths. This is the world’s largest democracy in action and the results will determine the next phase of India.

Parliamentary election (Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament) is being held (in seven phases of voting) from April 11, 2019 to May 19, 2019.

Results will be declared on May 23, 2019.

This election is for 543 Parliamentary seats.

To give an idea of the scale, in the 2014 elections, 8250 candidates from 464 Parties had contested, of which, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 282 seats.

Captain Shekhar Vadke (Picture Supplied)

The Election Commission will set up 927,000 polling booths in this mammoth exercise.

Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?

My analysis is based on Astrological Charts and not on political waves and external factors such as surgical strikes and military action.

Let us start by considering the Polling fixtures.

The key players are the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) of which BJP and Congress are the respective leaders.

Therefore, my analysis centres around the two parties and their chiefs Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

April 11, 2019: Moon in Mithun Rashi, is the Lagna for BJP,  but eighth from its Moon, at the same time opposite transitional Guru.

In fourth (Sukhasthan) for Congress (and over its Jupiter), will be in Bhagya (good luck for Rahul).  Mr Modi will be Moon in the eighth.

Clearly, this would be the day for Congress and Rahul, (though BJP’s Planets Moon opposite transitional Jupiter will restrict the damage).

April 18, 2019: Moon in Kanya Rashi. BJP will have Moon in fourth (Sukhasthan, Opposite Sun). Congress in (Moon on Moon); Rahul in the 12th (Vyaya); Modi in fifth on Sun and Mercury.

Divided results with a slight edge for BJP. 

23rd April 2019: Moon in Dhanu Rashi; BJP Moon in Seventh (in the first half, it touches the transitional Guru). Congress in the tenth (in conjunction with Venus and Sun). Rahul in third (his Parakramasthan) and also his birth Moon; Modi in second house (his Dhanasthan).

This will be a day for Congress Party.

April 29, 2019: Moon in Kumbha Rashi; BJP Moon in Ninth (Bhagya); Congress in 12th (Vyayasthan-losses); Rahul in fifth (on Rahu); Modi in fourth (Sukhasthan–opposite Venus)

This will be to the advantage of BJP.

May 6, 2019: Moon in Vrishabh Rashi; BJP has Moon in 12th (Vyaya/losses); Congress in third (Parakrama) opposite Mercury; Rahul in eighth (and sixth from the birth Moon) with Mercury (Vachaspati). He may say something uncalled for and spoil the pitch. Modi in seventh (opposite Mars and Moon which are in his Lagna); he will be aggressive.

This should have been a Congress Day (with Moon in Parakrama and BJP with Moon in Vyaya/losses), but Rahul may say and do something unsuitable and with Modi’s Moon opposite Mars and Lagnesh, end of the day, BJP may have an edge.

May 12, 2019: This day gets divided into two distinctly different phases; Till 1200 hours, Moon is in Karka; BJP Moon in Dhanasthan (second house); Congress Moon with Mars in fifth will be aggressive; Rahul Moon in Venus (10th) and it will be smooth sailing; Modi in Bhagya (Ninth);

The day starts with advantage Congress.

After 1200 hours, Moon will be in Simha Rashi bringing a change in fortunes in BJP’s favour; BJP Moon in Parakrama (third) over Mars and Jupiter; Congress in sixth on Saturn (Panvati Yoga); Rahul eleventh but with birth Ketu; Modi in tenth house (Karma); This half will be for BJP.

May 19, 2019: Moon in Vrishchik; BJP in sixth with its birth (on Rashi); Moon Congress in Ninth (with Bhagya); Rahul in Dhanasthan second from Lagna but 12th from Moon (Vyaya)

Modi in Lagna (with Mars – Lagnesh – and Moon).

This will be entirely in favour of BJP.

Due to Jupiter occupying Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) from March 29, 2019 to April 22, 2019, it will be advantageous for  Congress and Rahul during that stretch as Jupiter will be in Rahul’s Rashi (Dhanu) and tenth (Karmasthan) over his birth Sun and Venus and opposite Jupiter for Congress. Polling till April 22, 2019 will be slightly advantageous to Congress and the Mahagathbandhan.

After April 23, 2019, until the end of Polling and on the day of announcement of results, Jupiter will be back in Vrishchik Rashi (both Modi and BJP’s Rashi). In Modi’s case, Jupiter will be in Lagna and over his Moon and with Mars, while in BJP’s case, Jupiter will be over their Rashi Moon and opposite Venus.

This period will be to the advantage of BJP and Modi.

May 23, 2019: Day of Results:

May 23, the day of the results, Moon in Dhanu till 11.44; BJP Seventh (2nd from Moon); Congress Tenth (Karma – over Venus and Ravi and opposite Jupiter); Rahul (on his Moon) and in Parakrama; Modi in the Second house.

The day would start with a clear advantage to Congress and Rahul and initial counts will seem that BJP is losing, but the picture changes when the moon changes to Makar rashi from 11.44; Moon in Makar rashi from 11.44; BJP Eighth from Lagna but third from Moon (i.e. in Parakrama). It will start regaining lost ground; Congress in Tenth (opposite Mars). Will still hold out initially but as Moon progresses, it will start losing out; Rahul in Fourth house (his Parakrama is over); Modi (in his Third house – Parakrama), things start tilting in Modi’s favour;

Let us consider the charts of BJP, Congress, Rahul, Modi and Sonia Gandhi (her hidden influence in the background of Congress politics); BJP– Has Sadesati. The karaka for power Ravi/Sun will be in Meena/Pisces and Mesh rashi (mainly Mesha/Aries).

During the period Sun will be Fifth and Sixth from the Moon. It is in Sixth (Sthanabala) position that it will be of help to the BJP (NDA Govt.). It has an ambiguous Moon dasha (which is in the Sixth but with Neechabhanga strength);

The KCR Alliance

Rahu Bhukti is running from 12/2017 to 6/2019 (hence BJP has faced numerous problems) after which it is Jupiter Bhukti up to 10/2020, covering the entire Vikari year (Lunar Year). Rahu is well placed with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and all three being retro (gaining strength). BJP comes into strength from 6/2019 but presently will get less seats (somewhere in the early 200s) than the last elections, but NDA will be able to cobble a coalition to get majority with the help of a new alliance with KCR (K Chandrashekhar Rao) and Naveen Patnaik joining the bandwagon of NDA and its existing alliance partners.

Note that KCR has his Moon in Karka which is in a trine with moon sign of BJP (Scorpio). Naveen Patnaik has his Moon in Gemini which is the Lagna (ascendant) of BJP. Also note that BJP and Narendra Modi share the same rashi with Narendra Modi having his moon sign with Mars in ascendant (Lagna and rashi are the same). Hence his equation with KCR will be good.

Modi’s Horoscope

Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014 in Moon Dasa Jupiter Bhukti (11/2013 – 03/2015). The same combination in Gochar + Janma will be in play (from April 23, Jupiter is back in Scorpio, which is Modi’s Lagna) where there is Moon and Mars. Hence in a triangular way, Jupiter and Moon will come together (Gochar and Chalit). This will bring him back. The setback will be that he is undergoing Moon Mahadasa Venus Bhukti which is his 12th Lord (Vyaya/losses). Fortunately for him, Venus is Vargottama in Tenth house of his chart.

The Congress Party

Congress Party – Jupiter Dasa Venus Bhukti is from 01/2017 to 09/2019. Venus as 3rd (Parakrama lord in 10th) will ensure more seats than last time but not enough to form a Government as Venus is also 8th lord which is not favourable. Also its leader Rahul Gandhi’s chart is not strong and does not show any chances of ever being PM. Mars Dasa Moon Bhukti runs from 14/09/2018 to 15/04/2019. Mars is combusting with Sun but Shubhakartari (meaning it will give both positive and negative effects). But the Bhukti of Kemadruma Moon shows lack of success. Also his 10th lord is in 12th (Vyayasthan / loss). Rahul Gandhi can only be a strong opposition leader at BEST.

Sonia Gandhi – According to the Parasari principle (pertaining to the success of progeny) in Sonia Gandhi’s chart the Karaka bhava ascendant Lord Saturn and the 10th Lord Mars are in Shashtaashtaka (6/8) or mutually adverse position. Further, the adverse effect of being Lord of the 8th house, Rahul (progeny) will not succeed in his ambition. No help there for him from Sonia’s chart for Prime Ministership.


Presently, though neither Modi nor Rahul Gandhi has superior strength in their charts, Modi’s is stronger and has the edge. A majority may be formed by NDA with Patnaik and KCR. The percentage of this happening is 65% +. While BJP + Allies will rule (weakened) with strong opposition (Congress + Allies) all the way till 07/2022 (when Saturn enters Aquarius / Kumbha) and becomes 4th (Choti Panoti) for both BJP and Modi. Also Saturn is inimical to Rashi Lord Mangal of both BJP and Modi. The chances of this Government completing to full term are almost non-existent.

There could be some court judgments going in his favour (Ram Janmabhoomi) and those against (Reservation for economically weak upper class).

April 2020 sees very serious conflict/war with Pakistan, and China giving tacit support to Pakistan (India will come out on top).

That leaves us with a 25-30% chance of ‘Accidental Prime Minister.’

With a Vikari year (favouring women) could the Mahagathbandhan manage to club in together (definitely without Rahul as the Leader), a position of strength for being led by Mayawati who (along with Akhilesh Yadav) should do well at the polls.?

I conclude with: “Those who know astrology can only indicate in a way what will happen in the future. Who else, except Creator Brahma can say with certainty what will definitely happen?”

Captain Shekhar Vadke is a Master Mariner, a qualified and ‘genuine’ Astrologer. He is also an expert in ‘Vastu Sastra,’ the Science of Architecture, which has a large following all over the world. Those who have adhered to his advice have been successful in their professional and personal lives. Captain Shekhar lives in Auckland and can be contacted on 021-2363057. Email: (Another article follows shortly)

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