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Auckland, August 18, 2018
Auckland based Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust has called for volunteers to work under its
‘Dosti’ Programme.
The following Statement was issued by Programme Coordinator Verona Sequeira.
‘Dosti’ is a culturally appropriate and confidential volunteer visiting service for senior citizens of Indian and South Asian origin who are house bound or socially isolated either due to ill-health, age, mobility or other issues.
This service is for clients aged 60 years above who would benefit having a friend visit them once a week.
Growing isolation
Social isolation is a growing issue in the Indian and South Asian senior population. Socially isolated people do not always have the support from friends, family and the wider community. Due to neglect, lack of cultural awareness of NZ, and language difficulties the seniors are unable to integrate into the community and become lonely, housebound and isolated.
This results in physical, mental health problems, increased residential care and places them at higher risk of abuse and neglect.
Friendly Service
Through ‘Dosti,’ we aim to decrease the level of isolation and loneliness for older people living in the community.
Who is a Visitor?: A visitor is a trained volunteer who has undertaken to provide regular visits to the elderly in their home or rest home once a week for an hour, to share interests and activities. Some of the values encouraged are love, respect, caring, patience and empathy.
Who is a Client?: A Client is a senior citizen or a person with special needs who is housebound, feels isolated and lonely and will benefit having a friend visit regularly.
We need people with a passion.
Do you have time and empathy for older person?
Do you like visiting and spending time with older person?
Do you want volunteering experience with Training and Supervision?
Due to the growing need we are urgently looking out for more volunteers to join our ‘Dosti’ service.
For more information, please call Verona Sequeira, on (09) 6221010 or 021-2592114.
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Shanti Niwas engages elders with love and care
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