Christmas Greetings to all our readers and patrons

Christmas Greetings to all our readers and patrons

Venkat Raman
Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Jesus Christ, the Prince, our Saviour was born today

Indian Newslink wishes its readers, contributors, writers, advertisers, sponsors, friends and well-wishers Merry Christmas.

May this day bring new hope and a new era of peace and prosperity in your lives.

Snow, ice and cold weather are often missed by average New Zealanders since the Southern Hemisphere is normally hot and humid.

Christmas this year promises to bring with it more rain, making the weather warmer and stickier-not the common man’s idea of Christmas really!

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The Festivities

Festivities have begun already, with commercial organisations and corporates hosting Christmas and year-end parties for staff and customers. Major retailers have placed an extensive range of items on special offers, while shopping malls, with extended business hours, have dedicated counters providing free gift wrap services.

Legends and traditions come alive. Towns, villages, communities and the entire country is in a festive mood. Many would begin their day with traditional Christmas breakfast, while Christmas Lunch with the extended family is more popular.

Mixture of Traditions

Christmas dinner in New Zealand is a mixture of Western and South Pacific traditions. Many still have turkey and plum pudding but often served with salads. The traditional feed is cooked on the barbecue outside and may include a variety of typical Kiwi treats, such as lamb chops and Christmas fare. The festive food is incomplete without a large, fluffy but light Pavlova, our own dessert, made whipped egg whites and sugar, cooked in a slow, low oven and decorated with fruit (often Kiwifruit) and cream.

Maori traditionally celebrated the month Hakihea (which begins on or about December 15) as one of ease, before the Christian missionaries exercised their influence. The ‘Maori Hangi’ is a big hole in the ground, heated with hot rocks and then loaded with baskets of food, covered and allowed to cook underground. The food items include tender pork, chicken, kumara, pumpkin, potatoes and stuffing. The ‘Hangi’ is usually served around 5 pm followed by carol singing.

Whatever be the issues and other problems rocking the polity or economy of the world, Christmas is a season for goodwill and friendship.

People from all walks of life will decide to become a little more human, showing concern for the fellow beings and fostering goodwill, kinship and universal brotherhood.

It is a time to give-love, gifts and understanding and a time to forgive.

Enjoy the day with your family!

The Prince, the light of our lives and the Saviour of humankind was born today!

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