Commemorative Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Satyan Mehra of IFLY Limited receiving his Special Award from Anthony Healy of BNZ

Judges’ Comments:

IFLY Limited is a fast-growing business owned by Satyan Mehra, operating four Pizza Hut franchises and investing profits into property purchases and development.

Satyan purchased his first Pizza Hut franchise – in Cambridge – from Restaurant Brands (RBL) in 2011, at a time when the Pizza Hut brand and revenues were ailing.

He then reinvented how it ran, resulting in a 30% increase in turnover in the first year.

From divesting themselves of stores, Satyan convinced RBL that he could open their first new Pizza Hut store in 10 years in New Zealand.

Since then, RBL has franchised another 15 stores, adopted Satyan’s operational set-up and his casual dining concept is being rolled out globally.


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