Cuisine, exercise and entertainment engage elders

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Auckland, January 26, 2019

When Bupa Sunset Care Home caregivers introduced ‘Special Indian activities’ a few months ago, they did not expect the extent of positive impact that these would have on the residents of Indian descent.

The weekly activities have included exercise sessions, authentic Indian cuisine snacks and a Hindi film.

Fifteen residents and their family members attend the activities and value the chance to engage in interests that remind them of home.

Anxious Residents

R Rajamma, who is originally from Lautoka in Fiji, has been in Bupa Sunset Care Home for the past four years and looks forward to the activities each week.

“I am very grateful that these activities have started. I get to watch my favourite Hindi movies and I get to speak to others who speak Hindi too. I also have the opportunity to get to know all the staff as well,” she said.

‘Foreign’ concept

Pauline Mellor, Bupa Sunset Care Home Manager said it helps that she has caregivers who speak Hindi because the residents who participate in the activities don’t speak English.

“We keep in mind that a New Zealand care home is completely foreign to people from other countries. These cultural activities create involvement, engagement and a sense of community between the residents. They have helped to make our Indian residents feel more comfortable and has them treating our care home as their home,” she said.

The Indian activity sessions have proven so popular that they have now increased to two days a week.

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