‘Curry Munchers’ for San Francisco Film Festival

Aunanda Naaido also talks about ‘Stranded Pearl,’ his new film

Venkat Raman

Auckland, August 5, 2017

‘Curry Munchers,’ which is now better known as ‘Vindaloo Empire,’ which has had rave reviews in every centre of its release since 2011, will be shown at the ‘Festival of Globe Movie Festival 2017’ at the ‘Century at Pacific Commons,’ 43917 Pacific Commons Boulevard, Fremont, California on August 9, 2017 at 7 pm.

The Festival hosted by the Federation of Indo-Americans of Northern California as a part of ‘India Independence’ celebrations in August every year.

Great Honour

Speaking to Indian Newslink from his East Auckland home (he is currently on holiday), ‘Vindaloo Empire’ lead actor Aunanda Naaido (which is his screen name- he is officially known as Anand Naidu) said that the film has had overwhelming response and that its inclusion in the forthcoming Film Festival is a great honour.

“More than 200 entries were submitted to the Selection Panel of the Move Festival, of which less than 15 films made it to the finals. We are extremely pleased that ‘Vindaloo Empire,’ is among the movies chosen for screening. This will mark the entry of the film into the North American market including the United States of America and Canada,” he said.

Mr Naaido said that the Festival would hopefully be the gateway for ‘Vindaloo Empire to be shown in India.

Vindaloo Empire Credits

Produced by Rajendran Naidoo (Anand’s father and a long-time friend of this reporter), the film has screenplay written by Anand and Padma Akula (a popular theatre and film artiste, producer and director).

Directed by Cristobal Araus Lobos, a Chilean-New Zealander whose credits include the award-winning ‘The Waiting Place.’ And ‘Netherwood,’ a hard-boiled Southern-set thriller, the Cast of ‘Vindaloo Empire’ includes Aunanda Naaido, Alison Titulaer, Ajay Vasisht, Leela Patel, Ben Mitchell, Rajeev Varma, Tarun Mohanbhai, Vidya Venugopalan, Bhavnesh Soni, Jenny Li, Lisa Robinson, Dwayne Cameron, D Mark Harrison, Sophia Elisabeth, William Wallace, Amit Ohdedar and Jazeel Mistry.

Billed as ‘A Culture-Shock Comedy,’ the film is about a young man who migrates to New Zealand from India to find his adopted country far from his imagination and expectation. A fast-moving film, it engaged audiences and brought Aunanda his much-deserved international acclaim. He now owns ‘Mahayana Films Limited,’ a banner that would provide an umbrella for many productions.

About Aunanda Naaido

Born and raised in Fiji, Aunanda moved to New Zealand with his family when he was 14 years old. As narrated in ‘Vindaloo Empire,’ he and his family experienced the challenges of settling in a country which was markedly different to their economic, social and cultural status in Fiji.

He joined, ‘Hamari Pehchan’ (Our Identify), a Youth Support Group which engaged, among other things, in theatre to help them adjust to new life and new culture.

The core principle of the Group was ‘You can do anything if you believe in it.’

“Vindaloo Empire is a true reflection of this belief- even if takes eight years,” he said.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Aunanda lives Rarotonga, Cook Islands where he is employed as the Chief Financial Officer at Edgewater Resort and Spa.

About FOG

Festival of Globe (FOG) is San Francisco Bay Area’s premier multi ethnic cross-cultural extravaganza. The week-long festival packages film arts, visual arts, performing arts and folk arts from all over the world into a lively and intense celebration of the richness and diversity of cultures. Using Art and Culture as a common theme, FOG aims to serve as a unique catalyst for cultural osmosis and bring positive change within the communities. Each year, the Festival raises funds in support of various social issues faced by the diverse communities. Specific causes that are actively supported include youth development, Elderly and Senior care, Ending hunger and homelessness and Empowerment of Women and youth against sex crimes.

The theme of the Festival this year is ‘Celebrate Diversity.’

New Production: Stranded Pearl

Apart from ‘Vindaloo Empire, Aunanda has acted in ‘Feeling Lucky,’ and is the lead actor in ‘Stranded Pearl,’ currently in production.

An Island paradise, big business, complex characters, love and betrayal set the scene for this romantic adventure film. With the stunning backdrop of the South Pacific, ‘Stranded Pearl’ is a drama, with adventure, action and romance that follow a woman who learns that life is not what it seems, a man who has closed himself off from the world, and another who has built his world based on deception.

Indian Newslink will publish further details of this film in its ensuing editions.

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