David Seymour tops Epsom Poll

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A recent poll conducted of 750 voters (+/- 3.5% margin of error), in the Epsom electorate shows incumbent Epsom MP and ACT Party Leader, David Seymour, ahead with a strong 16-point lead.

When asked “With your electorate vote, which of these candidates would you vote to be the electorate MP for Epsom?” Mr Seymour led on 46% of decided voters, with National’s Paul Goldsmith on 30%, and both Labour’s David Parker and Green’s Julie Ann Genter following on 11%. Since the Poll was conducted, the Green Party nominated Barry Coates as its candidate in Epsom.

Heartening result

“I am heartened by today’s result. It has been a tremendous privilege to represent the people of Epsom in Parliament over the last three years. Epsom voters understand the critical role they play to ensure a stable centre-right government by continuing to give me their electorate vote,” Mr Seymour said.

“While this is a positive starting point for the campaign, we will not be taking the support of Epsom for granted. I am an approachable and effective local representative, ensuring stable centre-right government in Wellington.

“This poll result is important, as it shows that every party vote for ACT will count. Only a Party vote for ACT will keep Winston Peters out of power and ensure a stable centre–right government for the next three years,” Mr Seymour said.


David Seymour


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