Deep Bajaj, Nayan Bhatt, Gurudutt Satigrama

It is incumbent on every mortgage and insurance broker to ensure compliance of the regulations in force, since integrity and discipline are vital to protect the safety of our financial system,” say Deep Bajaj and Nayan Bhatt, Mortgage & Insurance Specialists of Transparent Finance Limited (TFL) said.

“We believe in being totally upfront and honest with our clientele. We put the interests of our clients first and deliver them the best service that the Industry offers,” Mr Bajaj said.

“Honesty & Transparency in our dealings with both Client & the Provider is our ‘differential’ in this competitive Industry,” Mr Bhatt said.

Services range

Among the services provided by the company are Home Loans, Refinancing Home Loans, Restructuring Home Loans, Investment Property Loans, Life Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Medical Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Total Disability Insurance.

“We can arrange loans from various banks and specialist lenders as also insurance from various insurance providers in the market. TFL provides perhaps the best customer support service in the industry. The most common problem that we face in our daily routine is managing the expectations of clients and providers and walking the fine line balancing the two,” Mortgage & Insurance Advisor Gurudutt Satigrama said.

As well as looking at avenues to expand market presence and market share, TFL constantly reviews the performance of clients and provides prompt advice in loan servicing, restructuring finance with change in individual circumstances, regulatory changes and other developments of significance.

“RBNZ regulations on LVR (Loan-to-Value Ratio) and rental property are defined by their needs to regulate the property market. We will work within these regulations to offer the best solutions to our customers,” Mr Bajaj said.

Mr Satigrama said that many people, especially people of Indian origin are not only under-insured but also are not well apprised of the products and services available.

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