Discover Serenity and Divinity with Spiritual Leader

Discover Serenity and Divinity with Spiritual Leader

Await the visit of Brahmarishi Guruvanand in Auckland next weekend
Venkat Raman
Auckland, February 19, 2020

Vishvasant Brahmarishi Gurvanand

One of the most enchanting, enlightening and entertaining spiritual leaders of our times will be in Auckland next weekend to meet his devotees and address them at two public meetings.

Vishvasant Brahmarishi (also spelt Brahmarshi) Gurvanand or Gurudev will speak at Sri Ram Mandir, 11, Brick Street, Henderson, West Auckland on Saturday, February 29, 2020 and on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at Bharatiya Mandir, 252 Balmoral Road, Balmoral, Central Auckland.

Both events will commence at 3 pm and conclude with dinner.

Smile and be happy

The Brahmarishi returns to Auckland after more than two years. Thousands of people from a cross-section of the community thronged to hear his speeches in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington in November 2017. Such is his ability to enable people to achieve self-realisation that they are thence mentally equipped to achieve serenity of the mind and body and pursue the purity of Divinity, which he says is embedded in the human spirit.

“All of us have the ability to smile. Do that, and spread it to those around you. The human smile is infectious and then you can see how it creates joy and breaks barriers. Let us be happy today and enjoy life in all its manifestations. It is important to focus on the positive. Human sufferings can be dismissed with the power of the mind. And the mind can be conditioned to make life beautiful,” he told Indian Newslink during his last visit to New Zealand.

He has mastered the Vedas and ancient scriptures, which prescribe the art of living and the road to eternal salvation. Yet, Brahmarishi’s speciality is to explain the teachings in simple words that are easy to understand and follow.

He spoke about ambition, the ensuing human effort and the way to achieve peace thus:

“Self-expansion in any form, whether through wealth or through virtue, is a process of conflict, causing antagonism and confusion. A mind burdened with becoming can never be tranquil, for tranquillity is not a result either of practice or of time. Tranquillity is a state of understanding, and becoming denies this understanding. Becoming creates the sense of time, which is really the postponement of understanding. The “I shall be” is an illusion of self-importance,” he said.

About Brahmarishi Guruvanand

Born in Delhi, the 78-year-old Spiritual Leader had an outstanding academic career with a B Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Karagpur (a premier institution), a graduate Honours degree in Physics, a postgraduate degree in Sanskrit and a doctorate (PhD) in Astrology.

Brahmarishi has been described as ‘A Selfless protector, a person of the greatest ability, propagator of the highest human values.’

He is a divine flame, having dedicated his life to the cause and welfare of mankind. He considers service to humanity as the greatest religion.

He encourages people to propagate the teachings of Lord Mahavira across the world. His ideal is Shri Siddeshwar Brahmarishi Gurudev Vivekananda, whose philosophies and ideologies influenced him greatly.

He sought to learn from MahaTapasvi Siddhiraj Pragyachakshuji the art of “DhyaanYog” and other divine Siddhis in the terrains of the Himalayas. He has activated all his Seven Chakras or Kundalinis, gaining immense spiritual powers. He is believed to have gained absolute knowledge and perfection of the great traditional Mantras and 1703 Tantrik Siddhis advocated by Great Rishis.

About Brahmarishis

In Hinduism, a Brahmarishi (a Tatpurusha compound of Brahma and Rishi) is a member of the highest class of Rishis (seers or sages), especially those credited with the composition of the hymns collected in the Rigveda.

A Brahmarshi is a sage who has attained enlightenment (Kaivalya or Moksha) and became a Jivanmukta by completely understanding the meaning of Brahman and has attained the highest divine knowledge, infinite knowledge(omniscience) and self knowledge called Brahmajnana.

The Saptarishis (Seven Rishis) created out of Brahma’s thoughts are perfect Brahmarishis.

They are often cited to be on a par with the Devas in power and piety in the Puranas.

Bhrigu, Angiras, Atri, Vishwamitra, Kashyapa, Vasishta and Shandilya are the seven Brahmarishis.

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