Discussion on Referendums improve community perception

Aman Kharbanda

Aman Kharbanda

Auckland, October 22, 2020

                      A collage of speakers and participants at the Meeting. (Picture Supplied)

Indian Association Manukau New Zealand (IAMNZ) organised an event on Saturday, October 10, 2020 to discuss about Referendums on the End of Life Choice Act 2019 and the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.

The Programme focused on creating community awareness and education around the Referendums through different presentations and mediums to put across the information for Elections 2020.

The event, sponsored by Community Action on Youth and Drugs, was held at Diversity Centre of IAMNZ located at 25 Tui Road, Papatoetoe, South Auckland.

Empowering people

The Programme aimed at empowering the community with information while encouraging people to educate themselves about the different aspects involved in the Referendums.

Act Party Leader David Seymour explained the End of Life Choice Act 2019, clarifying common concerns. Senior Pasifika Library Specialist Leota Meredith of the Pasifika of the Papatoetoe War Memorial Library voiced her opinions on the Referendums, underscoring the family structure values of Pasifika and Indian community.

Other speakers were India’s Hon Consul in Auckland Bhav Dhillon and Aotearoa Resettled Coalition Operations Manager Gatluak Choul.

IAMNZ President Dr Primla Khar shared her views on the significance of Referendums and stressed on the importance of voting.

Varied thoughts

Dr Manisha Dullu shared information on Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill with the community while Jatinder Sidhu shared her views on the End of Life Choice Act 2019 Referendum.

Among the youngsters who presented their views included Aarushee Kaul. Punjabi Cultural Association President Kulbir Singh spoke about various aspects to be considered while voting on the Referendums. Anurag Rasela, a leading developer, explained how the Referendums can influence the structure of the society.

Awareness through Theatre

The event also showcased a Play titled “Is it for me?” enacting various aspects involved in the Referendums to create awareness in the community whilst also explaining the importance of gathering the right information.

Written by Mehak Sharma and directed by Aman Kharbanda of The Urban Bioscope,’ a theatre company, the Play highlighted the differing opinions and point of views of the people in the community. Its dialogue aimed to bring to the fore contrasting and conflicting ideologies, inspiring people to refer to various sources of information before voting.

The Play was also an opportunity to bring together people from various age groups

Aman Kharbanda is General Secretary of Indian Association Manukau New Zealand.

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