Disillusioned New Zealanders could use the ‘Scratch Vote’

All that political skullduggery is leading towards uncertainty

Anil Sharma

Some people think that it is better not to vote in an election, since they do now know to whom their precious vote should go.

“There are other means to make my views known. I would rather waste my vote than casting it to choose a person I do not want. There is no point in electing people who are no good,” they would say.

No to All and Sundry

Some others would say, “It is my choice. If I don’t want to vote for anyone, I cannot be forced. I can just cross out all boxes and write ‘None of the Above’ or NOTA, which is also understood as ‘Against All,’ or a ‘Scratch Vote.’

In some countries, voters are allowed to indicate their disapproval of all candidates in an election and exercise their right to ‘scratch vote.’

That is in essence is the mood of the voters in New Zealand today.

NZPP policies

New Zealand People’s Party, being a Party of the people, has come up with very clear and strong policies in terms of its collective voice for representation of its people.

There are policies on crime, immigration and housing that are in the front running for coverage and press analysis – it is a different thing that we are being excluded from the main stream press.

Yet, we have done a review of the best choice across the table to make the voters get a clear picture and an easy comparison in terms of their decision making in this election.

Encouraging feedback

We have been receiving the feedback from across different platforms – digital, radio and TV and we present key issues from the point of the common New Zealander- the biggest concern being – is our choice of vote actually going to make any real change in the existing political scenario of New Zealand?

Over the past few months, debates and discussions between different political parties and their policy throwing has ebbed and overflowed into our daily lives.

In recent days, party leaders and their representatives, along with the volunteers have become more aggressive, driving into a total overkill situation for every New Zealander.

Shuffling between the two

Pro-Labour and pro-Jacinda sentiments are provoking more heated debates from a nervous National party. All sides are digging in, and everyone is seriously clamoring in for more negotiations.

For a lack of better alternative, New Zealand has been shuffling between National and Labour only as their options for the past many cycles of elections.

As for the current Bill English government- there is nothing that can be said.

On the other hand, people are expressing their concerns over Jacinda Ardern.

Labour not ready yet

Is Labour really able to take the reins and undo all the damages?

For now, the confusion will continue. With help from New Zealand First, can Labour withstand the pressure to continue running the government uninterrupted and peacefully without any fear?

This direct political support depends on one man, namely, Winston Peters. If this absolutist renounces his support for them, his resignation might destabilise the situation quickly.

In addition, watch the flow of other parties attempting to enter into alliances from the country’s current turbulent front.

But the biggest fear is, will this be a stable or a ready-to-crumble government once it forms on such an unsteady foundation?

Who can we trust? Who is right now the best choice? Which is the one Party that is dependable? The truth is that there are no answers.

Sadly, the oust of New Zealand First will not solve New Zealand’s larger problem: Its National-dominated past exerts a powerful reality of long failures and Labour is nowhere near ready to help the country build a more prosperous future.

Anil Sharma is General Secretary of the New Zealand People’s Party.



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