Engineer deems visa denial heartless

The benefactor of a seriously ill man is accusing Immigration New Zealand (INZ) as a heartless entity with little concern for human life.

Ashok Kumar, a network engineer based in Auckland, has been running between immigration authorities, politicians, community leaders to secure the rights of his nephew, 29-year-old Sanil Kumar to stay in the country until he undergoes a kidney transplant.

As published in these columns last year, Sanil was diagnosed with the problem in Auckland and since he is not a permanent resident, he is not entitled to free medical facility. Kidney transplant entails a long process of preparation and recuperation before and after surgical transplant, all of which are beyond his means.

Ashok has undertaken responsibility to all relevant costs, and a charitable organisation called, ‘Sanil Kumar Medical Fund’ has been established, seeking public funds.

Strong undertaking

“Sanil has to undergo dialysis every day and we have medical certificates from specialists in Fiji and New Zealand confirming his condition and a further letter issued in Fiji that the country does not have facilities to treat such patients in Fiji. INZ has refused to renew his visit visa despite my undertaking that I will meet all costs including hospitalisation and dialysis, INZ remains unmoved,” he said.

Daily dialysis

Sanil is subject to peritoneal dialysis every day at a cost of about $47 a day (or about $329 a week). This is being paid through automatic payment and there is no liability to the health system, Ashok said.

He said that INZ refused to invoke its right to decide positively in such cases on humanitarian grounds.

“The cost of the Kidney transplant is no more than $130,000 and I wonder if the value of human life can be weighed against such a small sum, for which I have provided guarantee. INZ should withdraw its ‘death sentence’ served on Sanil, review its decision on this dying young man and provide him a chance to undergo kidney transplant and lead a normal life,” Ashok said.

Editor’s Note: We have met with Sanil Kumar, who needs to undergo the surgery to remain alive and lead a normal life. We have also heard from a number of his Fiji compatriots that they support his case.

Indian Newslink hopes that the young man would receive timely help.

Donations can be remitted to the account of ‘Sanil Kumar Medical Fund’ either through internet banking or at any branch of ANZ Bank (Account Number 01-0721-0106892-55.

Sanil Kumar – Facing death without timely help

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