Farah Khan: Pro Bano work adds to community value

Farah Khan is a Partner and Notary Public of Khan & Associates, an Auckland based law firm that has a history of over 25 years.

She was the youngest Notary Public to be appointed in New Zealand in 2015 and remains the only female Notary Public among people of Indian origin.

With over 12 years of legal practice, Farah now specialises in Criminal and Traffic Court work but continues to head the firm’s Property Law team.

Taking Law to people

Farah is unlike an average lawyer. She believes that lawyers must bring Law to the people, rather than being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff when things have gone wrong.

In an attempt to make Law more accessible, she launched a community-based magazine last year called “FARAH, Information, Inspiration and Identity.’

Community Service

She also uses her skills on the many boards on which she is a member.

She evinces keen interest in the empowerment of women as an integral Member of ‘The Liberty of being Me,’ a charitable organisation.

Farah has a Facebook following of over 60,000 people which is testament to the value that she adds to our community through her non-profit work.

She reflects the belief of her father, Mohammed Faiyam Khan, founder of the law firm.

“I have always tried to have cultural diversity within the firm. I think clients feel very comfortable when they see one of their own. I have found lawyers working here from South Africa, China, Fiji, India and England, in addition to New Zealanders.”


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