Festival of Lights brings new era of progress

Thakur Ranjit Singh

Diwali day on October 19, 2017, dawned as clear, bright and very pleasant.

This was unique after weeks of lousy weather. There was no sign of clouds anywhere. It developed into a bright, warm and clear crisp day.

It was a forerunner to good things to come.

There were two important events.

The first was the celebration of light over darkness, life over death, victory over evil and compassion and love over greed and self-interest.

Yes, these are themes of Diwali-and it was Diwali day.

The Karma Theory

The second was Karma. This refers to cause and effect. Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. And that is exactly what happened.

This was the day when (New Zealand First Leader) Winston Peters chose the government that would run the country for the next three years.

Would it be a bunch of those who ruled for the elites and took all opportunities to discredit, humiliate and ridicule him? Or would he support a new millennial leader who gave him the respect he deserves, and a compassionate lot who have a heart for the vulnerable, downtrodden and the underclass?

Peters in a dilemma

Peters had entered this labyrinth, this maze of election (Chakravyuh), campaigning on change. Unless he brought change, his political future and personal credibility would be in jeopardy.

As I was getting ready for Diwali Pooja at about 6pm when a decision was expected, I received a call from Shalend Shandil of Radio Tarana and had Indian Newslink Editor, Venkat Raman on the linkup. Both of us were election commentators and observers at Radio Tarana’s Facebook live streaming and live radio broadcast on the election night on September 23, 2017.

While the result of the night was not decisive, National Party Leader Bill English, however had premature jubilation of victory before MMP was allowed to reach the final leg of the finish line.

On the election night, I took solace from morale of the Bhagavat Gita, which says that what is happening is good and what will happen will be good. And both the election observers, Mr Raman and I predicted on air on Diwali Day that Winston will choose left – the Labour.

And I went to my Lakshmi Pooja at 630 pm and was engrossed in prayers, unaware of the outcome as I prayed to Lakshmi Mata, Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity better fortunes for all of us.

Nine dark years

It is a good omen that almost as I poured offerings on the holy fire, seeking us to be rescued from the darkness of nine years. While the country may have done well economically, however those economic benefit failed to reach all the people. Inequality, poverty, homelessness and mental sickness, among others, increased.

The Almighty did listen. As I was in prayers, we were delivered incarnation of hope, light, victory, compassion and prosperity for all the people of New Zealand – not just for the elites. And that hope came from what may be likened to incarnation of Goddess of Prosperity – Jacinda Ardern and Labour.

My thoughts on the wrath of Karma and Winston’s choice has been well expressed in my earlier writings. They say, Karma is a bitch.

Back to Winston

And it showed its bitchiness in the final choice that Peters made.

Peters’ Scottish maternal blood in him urged him to click right to support a party working for the rich, interests of largely businesses, the affluent and white people.

His Maori paternal ancestor genes on the other side, urged their son from North to click left, to right the wrongs on forgotten people of his homeland.

Peters’ consciousness urged him to listen to cries of his ancestral blood. He realised his tribe has become an underclass in his ancestral land.

The face of Capitalism

This was reflected in his criticism of face of Capitalism speech where the system appeared to have worked for the rich middle and upper-class under the roost of National government.

Their neo-liberal policies discriminately favoured their elite supporters, who, among others, comprised the likes of those residing in Parnell, Remuera and Newmarket in Auckland.

And as I and Mr Raman had predicted, Peters clicked left – and chose Labour.

There is a message to the prophets of doomsday, who show negativity and hurl insults at the new government even before it has been signed on.

Father Figures

Jacinda Ardern is at the age of my daughter. Any father with pride in the new generation (millennial) will hold her hand with pride to lead her to pinnacle of success in politics to serve all people of New Zealand-not just the elites.

And those wishing to ridicule this coalition on Facebook with Peters and Ardern as bride and groom – no they are not wedded, but have a deeper relationship.

Winston Peters is her father-figure. As a matured and seasoned Statesman, he will hold her fingers and lead her to path of prosperity for all the New Zealanders.

And that is the blessings that Diwali Day 2017 showered and ushered on Aotearoa.

It gave us an incarnation of hope, a goddess of prosperity and genesis of leadership of the new generation – the millennials.

Thakur Ranjit Singh is a Political Observer, Indian Newslink columnist and Media Commentator and runs his Blog, ‘Fiji Pundit.’ He lives in Auckland. Email: thakurji@xtra.co.nz


Photo Caption:

Jacinda Ardern on Diwali Day 2017

(Picture Courtesy: Radio Tarana)


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