Financial discipline leads to significant savings

Financial discipline leads to significant savings

Auckland Council could save $1 billion in ten years

Phil Goff

Auckland, September 19, 2019

When I campaigned for Mayor in 2016, I promised to achieve more for less by reducing spending by 3% to 6% over the previous Mayoral term.

Since then, the Council has delivered savings in everything from ICT to power and utilities bills to procurement, reducing duplication and stopping wastage.

Savings through new initiatives

Last year, we saved over $11 million in our expenditure and introduced systems and services that will help us avoid future expenditure of more than $133 million.

Over the 10-year Budget period, we have built in total savings through efficiency and value for money programmes of around $1 billion.

In total, a 30% increase in benefits and savings on the previous year.

Buying electricity as a group is saving the Council, Auckland Transport and Watercare more than $2 million a year, and consolidating the maintenance and cleaning of our City and streets has delivered savings of $8 million.

America’s Cup

The Wynyard Edge Alliance, of which the Council is a Member, is designing and building infrastructure to support the 36th America’s Cup in 2021. It is on time within budget.

It also has a policy of recycling construction waste and has negotiated substantial cost avoidance, with benefits of $5.9 million.

Ratepayers expect the Council and Mayor to spend every dollar wisely and achieve efficiencies wherever possible. As these figures show, I have made that central to my mayoralty.

I am determined to achieve more savings and more efficient and effective ways of working so we can continue delivering the investments in transport, services and infrastructure that Auckland needs to be world class, while also ensuring value for money for ratepayers.

Festivals of South India

On another topic, I am looking forward to attending the Festivals of South India event at Sacred Heart College in Glendowie this Saturday.

This is the first event of its kind in New Zealand and promises an exciting evening of dance, culture, cuisine and music.

Cultural events like this help make Auckland a vibrant and interesting place to live, and it’s great to see more of them happening every year.

Phil Goff is Mayor of Auckland. Local Government Elections, including that of Mayoralty will be held throughout New Zealand from September 20 to October 12, 2019. Postal Votes should be sent in the self-addressed freepost envelopes to the Electoral Commission no later than October 8, 2019.

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