Finding meaningful pathways for children

Addressing social inequalities, finding pathways for children, strong ethnic representation at elected offices and community improvements are among the ideals that Mitlesh Prasad of South Auckland is pursuing in his life.

This young man is contesting for a seat on the Manurewa Local Board and Wiri Licensing Trust.

Born and raised in Fiji, Mitlesh migrated to New Zealand in 1987 and grew up in Auckland’s North Shore and resided there for 15 years before moving to South Auckland.

Migrant challenges

A Chartered Accountant by qualification and profession, he has been a Trustee at the Manurewa High School, a post that brought him close to the challenges faced by the younger generation in general and migrants in particular.

“I am inspired by the life and work of my late paternal and maternal grandfathers- Shiu Prasad and Bisun Sahay who are widely respected in Fiji for their contributions to public service and businesses. My real motivation comes from my children,” he said.

“I strongly believe that local boards should have diverse local representation and currently in Manurewa it is dominated by largely baby-boomers and a single political party.”

Respect for Maori

Mitlesh has immense respect for Tikanga Maori, incorporating Maori principles such as Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga in his campaign to help resonate with his constituents.

His key priorities are improving local roads and infrastructure, protecting our waterways and natural environment while ensuring sustainable growth.

“Safer and more inclusive communities, Investing more on the Town Centre and surrounding precincts, ensuring that parks and facilities are fit for purpose and increasing engagement with the community and participative decision making are also my issues,” Mitlesh said.


Photo Caption:

Mitlesh Prasad

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