Fines for illegal dumping surges in Auckland

Fines for illegal dumping surges in Auckland

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Auckland, January 18, 2019

Infringement fines for illegal dumping have soared in Auckland, doubling from 90 to 186 in the past 12 months, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has said.

He had initiated a $200,000 crackdown last year.

The additional funding established a reporting hotline 0800 NO DUMP, increased enforcement staff and doubled the number of surveillance cameras in hotspot areas.
Mr Goff welcomed the increase in fines, saying that it sent a strong message to illegal dumpers.

Cherishing the environment

“Auckland is blessed with a beautiful environment that should be cherished, not trashed by a small minority of people too lazy or irresponsible to dispose of their rubbish properly,” he said.

With the new 0800 NO DUMP number, more Aucklanders are reporting illegal dumping, and some have been able to provide evidence to Council officers to identify offenders, he said.

“It is great to see Aucklanders taking a proactive interest in reporting illegal dumping. Their vigilance, combined with additional resources to detect and identify dumpers, means we can hold offenders to account,” Mr Goff said.

Prosecuting offenders

“Council is also prosecuting the worst offenders, especially commercial operators caught dumping refuse into the environment,” he said.

In November last year, a recidivist commercial dumper was identified in South Auckland. The offender was fined $3500 plus costs for dumping concrete and soil on three separate occasions in Mangere.

Mr Goff said that the Auckland Council is cracking down because like most Aucklanders, the Council is sick and tired of a few irresponsible individuals blighting our landscape and harming our ecosystems.

“Not only does it damage the environment, it burdens ratepayers with the costs of clean-up. Litter and illegal dumping cost ratepayers more than $1 million in removal costs alone last year. With more prosecutions in progress, we’ll be continuing to make sure those who dump illegally are held to account,” Mr Goff said.

Mayor Phil Goff is determined to make Auckland the ‘Most Liveable City’

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