From Undercover to spotlight, behold the beauty

Police Fashion Show on November 18, Vodafone Events Centre

Auckland, October 24, 2017

You have seen them on the sports field playing Soccer or Cricket, inside the ring pulling a punch or two or seen them on stage doing the Punjabi Bhangra and felt happy that the men and women at the New Zealand Police truly belong to us.

That feeling of endearment will be enhanced as Police staff present a Fashion Show, giving vent to yet another undiscovered talent- of displaying design, wearable art, body paint, hair dressing and makeup.

Charitable venture

Organised in aid of ‘Lifeline Aotearoa,’ the event, called, ‘Undercover,’ will go on stage at the Vodafone Events Centre, 770 Great South Road, Manukau on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

The Programme will involve collections from five different designers, a body artist, and performers from various roles within Police.

This event is being organised by off-duty Police staff in their own time, with the support of their employer, New Zealand Police as part of Police’s ‘Beyond the Blue’ Project. Beyond the Blue shows the New Zealand public another side to Police outside of their normal Police duties.

The human side of Police

Project ‘Undercover’ is the vision of Police employee Frances Nimeti, a Police Communicator. Frances is stitching up her dream to showcase the human side of policing and the talented people within the ranks of the New Zealand Police.

“It is all about showcasing the talents of Police staff and what they do outside their normal role,” she said.

Frances ran a sold-out show last year to raise money for a Community Hall for the Pukapuka (Cook Islands) community in Auckland.

“When we suggested a show for Police staff, I was quite surprised – we were just trying to see if there was any interest out there, but we got a really good response straight away. I think that’s really exciting,” she said.

Reducing suicide

All profits accruing from the show will be donated ‘Lifeline Aotearoa,’ a charity organisation that seeks to reduce suicide and offer help on other issues,

“Suicide affects all sorts of people from the young to the old, including Police staff. Everybody knows someone who has been affected,” Frances said.

Tickets for ‘Undercover’ are now on sale at

Further information can be obtained by Email:


Photo Caption:

Frances Nimeti with one of her creations.

(Picture by Glenys Randell, Auckland Forensic Imaging)

(Source: New Zealand Police website)

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