Funding Round for international students opens

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Auckland, July 28, 2018
The International Student Wellbeing Strategy (ISWS) 2019 funding round is now open.
The funding round is seeking proposals that support the outcomes of the ISWS and contribute to the 2019 theme of ‘Improving International Student Safety and/or Mental Health.’
The Expressions of Interest are due on Friday, August 24, 2018.
Please email if you have specific questions on the ISWS funding round.
Minister’s Concern
Education Minister Chris Hipkins said that funding of $750,000 will be targeted at projects aimed at supporting the wellbeing of international students.
“I want every international student who comes to New Zealand to study to feel welcome, safe and supported so they get the most out of their stay and feel valued for the contribution they make to New Zealand,” he said.
He said that international students are from diverse cultures, living away from their families, communities and social networks. Often, it is also their first trip overseas and hence they can be vulnerable, he said.
“I encourage groups and organisations that work with international students to support their safety and mental health to come forward with proposals,” Mr Hipkins said.
About the Strategy
The International Student Wellbeing Strategy has been designed to protect and enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a safe and welcoming study destination.
Its vision is that all international students should feel that they are welcome, safe and well, enjoy a high quality education and are valued for their contribution to New Zealand.
Funding for one year projects to support the outcomes of the international student wellbeing strategy comes from the Export Education Levy.
Funding Applications
The theme for the 2019 funding round was chosen in response to feedback from international students and community organisations – that international students need more safety and mental health support.
The Funding Round Expressions of Interest (EOIs) that support this and should also contribute towards one or more of the outcomes of the strategy.
Your EOI should also demonstrate student involvement in the project (this could include student governance, participation or consultation).
The Application Process
Applicants should complete the EOI template and briefly outline proposal keeping to the word limit for each section. Any additional information that goes beyond the word limit for each section will not be considered. Applications would be considered for funding up to $150,000.
EOI template [DOCX, 160 KB]
Please submit your EOI to by Friday August 24, 2018.
Picture from The International Student Wellbeing Strategy 2017

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