Fundraiser Comedy to mark Parsee New Year

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Auckland, August 24, 2018
There is nothing like starting the New Year with a good laugh.
And what better way to spend an evening than to go with friends and family to the theatre to watch a play packed with humour?
A wonderful alchemy takes place when people come together to laugh.
The Zoroastrian community in New Zealand will celebrate the Parsee New Year with a fundraiser initiative for their place of worship, ‘Foroud Shahlori Dar-Be Meher’ in Pakuranga.
Organised by Benifer Irani, an active community worker of East Auckland, the comedy titled “Maro Var… Made For Me” (My husband is made for me) will be hosted on Sunday, August 26, 2018 at 530 pm at the Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden, Auckland.
The play focuses on the joys and precious moments of life that bring laughter even while it subtly teaches some life lessons along the way.
The talented cast of seven actors of “Maro Var… Made for Me” are sure to take you on a roller coaster of emotions.
Heavenly knot
It has no age barrier and has something with which everyone in the audience can identify.
Benifer says, “Marriages are made in heaven. As true as it sounds, none can escape the challenges it brings along of two different individuals with different personalities coming together.”
She hopes that the entire community will come forward with their families and friends to support the play that not only celebrates the onset of the Parsi New Year but also supports the Dar-Be Meher (Parsi Fire-Temple) Project, as Parsis believe ‘keh khaavanu, peevanu’ and ‘majja masti karvaani tej majeah ni Life!’
Benifer is grateful that the producers and directors of the play have come forward to help with the fundraiser.
For tickets contact Benifer Irani on 021-0377262.
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