Global Finance marks 20 years of mortgage and insurance brokerage

Global Finance marks 20 years of mortgage and insurance brokerage

Ajay Kumar and Team keep ahead of budget and competition

Venkat Raman

Auckland, March 11, 2019

Ajay Kumar (Photo Supplied)

Auckland based Global Finance Managing Director Ajay Kumar does not like compromises.

Be it Customer Service, Marketing or Administration, he has never allowed his steadfast principles of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability to be traded in his Mission to provide quality service to the complete satisfaction of his customers.

And to the Mission today there is an additional factor: innovative technology that is not only confidential and constantly updated but also safe and secure.

An astute Banker

A banker by profession, Mr Kumar has been a Mortgage and Insurance Advisor since 1999 and 19 years and 6000 plus customers later, he is as meticulous in his approach to business as he was 45 years ago when he joined Bank of Baroda in India as a banker.

Global Finance writes more than $1 billion in mortgage loans and insurance premium every year, making it the single largest company of its type in New Zealand.

Importance of People

“No entrepreneurial venture can afford to ignore the two most important aspects of their sustainability: People and People. The former represents customer and the latter your own managers and staff. A business that keeps the interests of these two sets of people will be progressive and profitable, retaining both over the long run,” Mr Kumar said.

He believes that dedication to these two ‘sets of people’ will bring in every other ingredient to commercial success- products, services, a sound business strategy, systems and procedures, employee motivation, improved performance and higher levels of growth.

Impressive growth

That is how it has been since Global Finance Limited opened its doors (at him home garage) to business. Since then, Mr Kumar’s journey has been marked by several milestones, each of which demonstrates the beliefs that ‘hard work does not go unrewarded,’ that ‘customers like consistency in service delivery’ and ‘staff need opportunities to grow.’

And the results have been gratifying.



Planned Expansion

From two or three clients in May 1999 when Global Finance was launched, the Company today serves more than 6000 customers spread throughout Auckland and beyond and with one employee (Mr Kumar), the Company today boasts of a complement of over 40 staff.

Contrary to his earlier belief of concentrated activity from a single location, Mr Kumar purchased two buildings, one each in Manukau (South Auckland) and Henderson in West Auckland, in view of the widespread of customers in these locations.

Reaching out to Customers

The worsening traffic gridlock, the growth of suburbs in various part of Auckland and the increasing population (the City adds more than 30,000 people every year) were factors that encouraged Mr Kumar to branch out of the Company’s Headquarters at the Kudos Business Centre on Kirkbride Road in Mangere, close to the Auckland International and Domestic Airports.

The Head Office itself is a proof of expansion. From one small facility a room divided into staff and management area, the company today owns all the four adjacent buildings, organising itself into four main divisions, namely Mortgage, Insurance, Marketing and Information Technology.

The Company marked its 20th Anniversary on March 5, 2019.

Indian Newslink congratulates Mr Kumar and his Team on this impressive milestone and wishes Global Finance continued success. Dependent on its continued success is the wellbeing and prosperity of its thousands of customers.


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