Global Finance wins four trophies at New Zealand Mortgage Awards

Venkat Raman

Venkat Raman

Auckland, March 3, 2021

The Company marks its 22nd Anniversary on Thursday, March 5, 2021

Accolades and acknowledgements have almost become a habit at Global Finance as the top mortgage and insurance broker picked up four more Awards, this time from the inaugural New Zealand Mortgage Awards 2021.

The honours were a fitting tribute to the Company which is expected to reach its highest annual turnover of about $1.4 billon or more by the end of March 2021 as total value of mortgage loans and insurance premium written for its clients. The Company will complete 22 years on March 5, 2021.

Robust judgment process

The Awards bring the tally of Awards won thus far by Global Finance to at least 55, commencing with the Indian Newslink Business Awards in 2010. The Company won our Supreme Business Awards that year and again in 2019 and picked up many category awards during the ten-year period.

“It was Indian Newslink that encouraged us to enter competitions. We were impressed by the high level of integrity and robust judging process. It is not easy to emulate such lofty standards and we were privileged to win the Supreme Business of the Year Award twice- in 2010 and 2019,” Managing Director Ajay Kumar said.

Global Finance Founder-Managing Director Ajay Kumar

About the Mortgage Awards

He said that the New Zealand Mortgage Awards 2021 were the first to be held in this country, although similar recognition programmes are held every year in Australia (19 years) and Canada (14 years).

Global Finance won in three categories- the ‘Best Industry Service,’ ‘The Mortgage Broker of the Year’ (11+Staff) and ‘The Best Customer Service from an Individual Office’ (Excellence Award) – while Aseem Agarwal, A Financial Advisor of the company won the ‘Independent Mortgage Advisor of the Year’ (Excellence Award).’

These Awards were established by Key media and Media Partner NZ Adviser to determine as to who is the Best Aggregator or Mortgage Advising Company and Mortgage Adviser in different categories throughout New Zealand.

“The Mortgage Awards were open to all mortgage broking companies and mortgage brokers in the country. The New Zealand Mortgage Awards Programme is a fair reflection of hard work, resilience, and a share showcase of dedication to customers,” Mr Kumar said.

Among the Awards that the Company has won in the past years include those of Indian Newslink, ANZ, ASB, AIA, EY, Westpac, Deloitte and Professional Advisors Association.

Challenging Times

Mr Kumar said that helping New Zealanders with their finances through the challenging times of economic downturn, the Covid pandemic and changing times gives greater reassurance in managing their finances.

“It is not just part of what we do, it is a fundamental core component and that means bringing expert knowledge to New Zealanders on a daily basis. With a thriving property market, particularly in Auckland, it is crucial that we remain diligent, reliable and informative. and this is clearly reflective in these and various other Awards,” he said.

Customer is the King

Since its establishment in 1999, the Company’s philosophy of ‘Customers First’ and ‘Mortgage Genius Plan’ have strengthened the ways in which people relate to their finances and to money in general. Coupled with the Mortgage Genius Plan, Global Finance has set the path for creating improvements to mortgage and insurance service support through its innovative and effective financial plan.

“Putting customers ahead by not only saving large amounts in interest on their loans but also accruing peace of mind and creating opportunities for New Zealanders to achieve their financial goals. Global Finance has set the precedent in what it means to provide quality financial service,” Mr Kumar said.

The Mortgage Genius Plan

This unique formula has been designed and developed by the company, highlighting the need for everyday New Zealanders to take hold of their financial destinations and have access to a smarter way to manage their loans. Giving people access to a plan that has numerous benefits to the user means people can stay on top of their finances more easily and increase their financial knowledge at the same time.

“The Mortgage Genius Plan is unique in that it can be tailored to suit individual customers to suit their individual needs- either to repay their mortgage early, purchase another property or meet other special circumstances. This contrasts the run-of-the-mill products of most financial institutions, Mr Kumar said.

“Global Finance designs products to cater to the mortgage and insurance needs of customers. We are basically a solution-provider, focusing on their welfare. We establish long-term relationships so that changing needs can be fulfilled,” he said.

During its 22 years of operations, Global Finance has obtained for its more than 7000 customers mortgage loans and insurance premium valued in excess of $11 billion. The Company has four branches, one each in Airport Oaks, Henderson and Manukau (Auckland) and Tauranga, opened on June 26, 2020.

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