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Indians perhaps understand independence and appreciate its value better than anyone else in the world; for, it was obtained after protracted struggle and the right to express is constantly practiced, even on empty stomach.

Such is the passion for individual liberty that for 71 years the country and its people have constantly battled forces of division and derision, intransigence and indifference and violence and vituperation.

Paradox and irony

They have done so with such scorn and contempt that people from other parts of the world (including those of Indian origin) are often baffled at the paradox and irony that form a part of the Indian psyche.

To a country of billion plus people, the day on which their leaders brought political freedom from alien rule, we say, “Congratulations! You richly deserved it.”

We have always believed that to be an Indian is unique and to be a New Zealander Indian is a privilege that is accorded to a chosen few.

Indian Newslink salutes the people of India on the occasion of India’s 11th Independence Anniversary on August 15, 2018 and presents this Special Report with great pride and honour.


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