Healthy competition lifts service standards

Immigration Matters NZ Limited

Healthy competition lifts- Jagjeet Singh SidhuAn Immigration Adviser who claims 100% success in cases related to Partnership and 96% on other cases as an overall success rate must have a long line-up of applicants and potential immigrants with hopes of being included in these lists.

Immigration Matters New Zealand Limited, a Papatoetoe based company, probably does.

“We are working with full determination, offering all services, at a low fee. Clients consider my knowledge of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) matters significant in our operations,” Director Jagjeet Singh Sidhu said.

Rising demand

Established in 2014, the Company has been experiencing increasing demand for services such as Deportation Appeals, Immigration and Protection Tribunal Appeals and Resolution Branch cases, in addition to other immigration issues.

Migrating to New Zealand as a Permanent Resident in 2003, Mr Sidhu worked in INZ, understood its policies and the way in which applications for various visas are processed.

“The job gave me opportunities to understand immigration policies of New Zealand, which I am able to apply while handling applications for clients,” he said.

Rich experience

As a Licensed Immigration Advisor (authorised by the Immigration Advisers Authority- IAA), Mr Sidhu brought to his Company several years of experience in INZ as Documentation Officer, strengthened by a postgraduate degree in Commerce from India and experience as an officer of the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI).

Immigration Matters specialises in advising applicants who are overstayers, and those applying for Work, Partnership, Family, Residence, Skilled Migrant Category and other types of visas. The Company also appeals to the Associate Immigration Minister for special directions on ‘difficult cases,’ including those of refugees and domestic category.

According to Mr Sidhu, the current licensing regime for immigration advisers is working well within New Zealand but not overseas.

Unhealthy competition has had its adverse effects. Some Immigration Advisers have jumped into the fray without any knowledge of the industry or experience in serving clients. However, people are smart and they are able to choose the adviser who offers quality and professional services honestly,” he said.

Jagjit Singh Sidhu and be reached on (09) 3920079, (09) 2775804 or on 029-7707979. His office is located at 137 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

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