Hindu Economic Forum to harness power of businesses

Hindu Economic Forum to harness power of businesses

National Conference on November 23 in Auckland
Venkat Raman
Auckland, November 16, 2019

Hindu Council of New Zealand President Vinod Kumar (Picture Supplied)

A National Conference focusing on the empowerment of young entrepreneurs, professionals and established businesspersons will be held in Auckland on Saturday, November 23, 2019

Organised by the Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand, the one-day Conference will be held at Te Manawa (Kokiri Ngatahi Auditorium) located at 11 Kohuhu Lane, Westgate (West Auckland) from 8 am to 6 pm.

The event, with ‘Grow Together, Share Together’ as its theme, is expected to be attended by more than 200 businesspersons and young entrepreneurs who have set their footprints on their journey of success.

Benefit of expertise

A Press note said that government officials including policy makers will have an opportunity to understand and assess the business acumen of people in their chosen fields of activity.

“Business delegates will include industrialists, traders, exporters, importers, bankers, technocrats, investors, professionals, economists, academicians and thinkers. With such an extensive representation, the Forum will offer a rare chance to share knowledge, experience, expertise and resources to contribute and make New Zealand Society prosperous,” the Note said.

As well as officials from the Ministry of Business, Immigration & Employment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, the Forum will have the benefit of the expertise of officials from Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), highlighting the existing and emerging business and investment opportunities in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand.

“The Conference will also have a Business Opportunity and Investment session. We are collecting information to present to the delegates,” the Press Note said.

About the Hindu Economic Forum

The chief guiding principle of the Hindu Economic Forum is to emphasise the importance of adhering to the law of the land and the guidance of the Hindu philosophy of honesty, integrity and accountability.

“Every country has its rules of governance, which must be followed in letter and spirit. For instance, the ways of doing business in China would be marked different from that of India. WHEF is committed to promoting the business interests of the Hindu community within legal and moral framework,” Hindu Council of New Zealand President Vinod Kumar said in an earlier statement.

Hindus constitute the sixth largest in the world population and hence their contribution to the global economy is also growing.

“Hindus are involved in many major industries, employ millions of people and account for billions of dollars in turnover and income. For thousands of years, the Hindu society has sustained itself due to the efforts of prior generations of Hindus in creating a great surplus of wealth,” Mr Kumar said.



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