Holy Quran opens eternal dialogue with Allah

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A few weeks ago, a friend who I had not heard from in a while sent me an email.

Therefore, I read the article and went about my busy day.

I do not remember much of what I read except this saying, “If you want to talk to Allah, go and pray. If you want Allah to talk to you, then go and read the Holy Quran.”

This particular saying I remember very well.

Universal Appeal

The Holy Quran is a book containing the words of Allah, a guide for all of humanity.

Yet, it is so unlike any book that we humans know.

Books are written for a specific purpose and an intended audience.

This got me thinking about the nature of the Holy Quran, and how it can appeal to all of humanity and not be affected by the constraints of time and space.

I believe that the most amazing thing about the Holy Quran is that when you approach it with an open mind, you find guidance. To use an analogy, consider the amount of genetic information (DNA) in our cells.

Now imagine a stack of pages 300 feet tall, each page full of letters.

That is how much information is stored in the DNA inside every human cell.

If you sort through the three billion letters that make up the human genome, you find some surprising things. Only about 1% of the three billion letters are directly codes for proteins. Of the rest, about 25% make up genes and their regulatory elements. The function of the remaining letters is still unclear.

Now think of the Holy Quran. We read parts of it in our Salah five times every day; we read other verses at other times and may even try very hard to contemplate on it.

Enlightening Moments

Have you ever had that enlightening moment reading or listening to the Holy Quran where a verse finally ‘clicks’ and understanding dawns? Have you wondered where such a moment comes from and why at that precise moment?

It is important for us to remember that Allah guides us and provides such moments of enlightenment.

Therefore, if you want Allah to talk to you, go ahead, open the Holy Quran and read!

“Read, in the name of your Lord who created man from an embryo Read and your Lord is Most Noble and Generous He taught with the pen Taught man what he had no knowledge of.” (Holy Quran 96:1-5)

Whatever you are going through, whether you are sad or happy, content or lonely, the answer, which you are seeking lies in Allah’s first command: read!

Do not let the Holy Quran be just a book sitting on the shelf. Open and read it, and let it enlighten you, for truly Allah is talking to you!

May Allah Almighty enable us to understand the Holy Quran and live it!


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