Indians in Christchurch observe Independence Day

Indians in Christchurch observe Independence Day

Shirish Paranjape
Christchurch, August 15, 2019

A section of the gathering at the India Independence Day in Christchurch

A big gathering of the members of the Indian community braved 0 degrees C in Christchurch to attend the flag-hoisting ceremony at 730 am today (Thursday, August 15) to mark India Independence Day.

It was the biggest such Ceremony in the 18 years I have been in Christchurch.

This was perhaps the first flag hoisting ceremony in the world today. 

The Sun made its soothing appearance and provided some warmth just after the Tricolour began fluttering in the sky.

The event was held at Indian Supermarket ‘Bombay Bazaar,’ which was a departure from the usual practice of holding it in one of Parks in Christchurch CBD.

The event was organised by Hitesh Sharma, with the support of Umesh, owner of Bombay Bazaar.

Children brave the frosty weather to mark the Great Day

After the flag hoisting and singing of the National Anthem, there were brief speeches by Dr Surinder Tandon, President of Christchurch Multicultural Council and Councillor Jimmy Chen. Among those present was Dr Duncan Webb, MP for Christchurch Central.

Radio Balle Balle, which broadcasts from community access radio Plains FM, covered the event and interviewed some of those present.

Separately, the Indian Tricolour was flanked by New Zealand and South Korea flags at AuCom Electronics Limited, Christchurch, for the entire week, as per the ‘tradition’ at AuCom.

AuCom has headquarters at Christchurch and employs staff of many different ethnicities, including several of Indian origin.

Shirish Paranjape is our Christchurch Correspondent. The pictures published here were sent by him.

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