Instagram creates a new Brand Ambassador

And the budding actress advocates social media for success
Auckland, September 2, 2018
Sabina (Sabby) Jey (25) is an actress and model whose work as an influencer began after her Instagram following grew to 24,000 people.
Since then, she has been working to promote lifestyle, fashion and fitness in collaboration with several New Zealand brands.
Realising the influence that she held on social media, Sabby began to use Instagram as a platform to talk about her own lifestyle and fitness and soon, people all over the world began to follow her journey.
Her steady increase in the number of followers on the social media gained the attention of companies that headhunted her for modelling and acting opportunities in India.

Sabby Jey is a Brand Ambassador for many New Zealand products (Picture Supplied)
Making a difference
Sabby credits a large part of her success to Instagram which she believes can make a tremendous difference if used correctly.
In her own life, she has used it to market her skills, strengths and opinions.
“I feel that in this day and age, the younger generation should really leverage social media as a marketing tool for their own brand rather than dismissing it as a distraction. Each individual has his or her own unique skills, personality traits and products that can contribute to this world. Social media is a great way to find your audience online who support you every day in what you do,” she said.
Brand Ambassador
Sabby’s work with several brands as an Ambassador for clothing items, beauty products and services and technology, is a great example of how social media can give one the opportunity to collaborate with international businesses.
After receiving a product from a business, she evaluates and tests the product, recommending it only when she believes it will be beneficial to her followers’ lives in some way.
Sabby believes in interacting with her followers and actively replies to questions which are often about what she does, what she wears and what products she uses. This interaction is what attracts brands to approach her with collaboration offers.
Honest Reviews
“I am genuine and honest with my reviews. It is hard to be authentic on social media but I find the best version of me is when I am being true to myself which is why I work closely with brands that share the same values as me,” she said.
Sabby strives to promote products that will benefit others’ lives.
As a ‘Dark is Beautiful’ Campaign Ambassador, Sabby has become an avid fan of Huawei’s P20 phone camera which she feels works well for people of colour, especially those with a darker skin tone.
Company launched
If all her experience on social media has taught her anything, sometimes taking a leap of faith is the best thing you can do for yourself; which is why, she recently launched her own company, Sabby Jey Social Limited.
Her company works with brands to create social media strategies that generate more sales through their Facebook and Instagram marketing.
The most crucial part is finding the correct target audience on the web.
With more than one million active users on Facebook every month in New Zealand, Facebook and Instagram users are more affordable options in comparison to other online marketing options.
Sabby strives to promote local businesses and young talent rather that international products and has began working with Kiwi brands like Judy Gao Couture and Caci Beauty.
Local brand advantage
She prefers to use local brands rather than international ones as she endeavours to build a community where local talent can support each other.
Many of her close friends and connections are people she has met and collaborated with are through Instagram.
Though there is a lot of negative stigma around social media, Sabby’s booming business and healthy lifestyle is a great example of how it can be used to improve one’s life.

“Focus on bettering yourself” says Sabby Jey (Picture Supplied)
She urges people not to scroll too much or waste time ‘browsing’ the internet, but rather focus on creating and following content that will help you better yourself.
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