Internal ‘fire-fighting’ leads to good health

Modern methods of medical treatment including surgery can become redundant if people learnt the simple method of ‘reducing the heat in their body,’ says an expert in the field.

Christian Saint Dr Aji Sebastian of Kerala, India, believes that the approach to Holistic Heath resides within each individual and that with greater awareness and practice, Heat Reduction Therapy (HRT) can lead to perfect and mental fitness.

“Excess heat generated in the human body is the cause of most ailments. HRT is an easy and simple method of accelerating the healing process. The modern world is full of stress, negativity and hatred, all of which affect our metabolic system. The Therapy enables people to cool their mind and body, critical to good health,” he told Indian Newslink in Auckland last week.

The Carmelite Priest was in New Zealand to promote Sheethali Chikitsha that he has developed to successfully treat most human ailments.

The Therapy has reportedly evinced widespread interest in many parts of India, especially in remote villages and small towns, where modern health systems remain inaccessible. His work has been recognised as effective, earning him accolades, awards and citations.

The youngest son of a Catholic family in Kerala, Dr Aji showed keenness towards religion at an early age. He joined the Congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), located at Kalamassery near Ernakulam for religious studies.

The natural healing process attracted him and soon found meditation and yoga as good methods of treatment and enlightenment.

He obtained a Diploma in Naturopathy, graduate degree (BA) in Alternative Systems of Medicine, a Doctorate in Medicine (MD) and PhD in Alternative Medicines and established the Darsanalaya Ashram in Faridabad, near Delhi. The Organisation today has branches and associates throughout India, promoting the concept and practice of Sheethali Chikitsha. They include the Darsanalaya Society (the social, economic and educational arm) Darsanalaya Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research (research and development wing) and Darsana Arogalaya (15-Bed Hospital).

Dr Aji is widely known as Isai Baba (Christian Guru) and as Babaji, an honorific meaning ‘Father’ or ‘Sagacious.’

“Good health is a pre-requisite to pursue any activity, be it political, materialistic or even spiritual, Sheethali Chikitsha incorporates all aspects of human beings. Healthy individuals constitute a healthy society, which in turn leads to a healthy world of peace and harmony,” Dr Aji said.

HRT is now used in most countries through modern machines and equipment, but a natural method of treatment, Sheethali Chikitsha is less expensive, harmless and extremely effective.

“Sheethali Chikitsha is an effective fire fighting system within the body,” he said.

Dr Aji said, the West was becoming aware of alternative systems of medicine and treatment practiced in India.

New Zealanders can also derive the benefits of Sheethali Chikitsha, he said.

Five Natural Elements

According to him, the principles and doctrines of this system, both fundamental and applied are akin to those of Ayurveda, a system of prevention and cure practiced in India for more than 5000 years.

“Like Ayurveda, Sheethali Chikitsha is based on the theory that all objects in the universe including human body are composed of five basic elements namely, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. The food, which the human body takes and the drugs it uses are all, made of these five elements. The proportion of the elements present in the drugs vary and their preponderance or otherwise is responsible for certain actions and therapeutic results,” Dr Aji said.

The most significant aspect of Sheethali Chikitsha is that it uses herbs and plants that are universal and therefore obtained locally.

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