Jacinda Ardern posts video of baby

RNZ, Auckland, July 29, 2018
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sent out a video with her new baby just hours after the National Party leader delivered his maiden speech today.
Ms Ardern has been on leave for five a and a half weeks since giving birth to her child, Neve, and has largely remained out of the public eye.
But the Prime Minister this afternoon posted a live Facebook stream to give an update on her and her baby.
“We are all doing really, really well still. We have absolutely no routine to speak of, and I can hear now a chorus of parents laughing at the suggestion that you would ever have a routine with a five-week-old baby, but we’re doing really well nonetheless,” she said.
Ms Ardern is expected to return to work in about a week.
Meanwhile, Simon Bridges gave his maiden keynote speech at the National Party’s conference in Auckland today in which he pledged smaller class sizes in primary schools and more teachers under a National government.
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A quick hello as we get ready to come back!

Posted by Jacinda Ardern on Saturday, July 28, 2018


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