Laser treatment guarantees better care

The desire for sporting spotless skin, clear of pimples, depressions, ‘craters,’ tags and hair has led to a thriving skincare industry and over the years, a number of specialists have established their practice, offering exclusive services.

Among such specialists is Irene Kiran, who owns and operates Amax Laser on East Tamaki Road, close to Hunters Corner in Papatoetoe.

“The skin is a delicate outer covering of the body, which is exposed to the sun, wind, rain and many other harshness. In addition, hair growth mars the beauty and elegance of the body. There is therefore need for expert’s intervention,” she said.

Kiran has set a high standard of efficacy, service and value in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Renewal.

As a New Zealand qualified and Registered Nurse with about seven years of experience, Kiran instills confidence in her customers, offering the best value for money.

“At Amax, we use the latest technology and processes. As a qualified and well-trained nurse, I assure the best possible care and treatment with personal attention towards each client,” she said.

Kiran is a specialist in the field of aesthetics in appearance medicine and with a combination of technology and knowledge, she provide an extensive range of treatments and processes to ensure client satisfaction.

As well as understanding clients’ problems and their special needs, Kiran engages her clients in personal, one-to-one consultation to apprise them honestly of their problems and the treatment process. Her ability to converse in English, Hindi and Punjabi breaks the language barrier.

“I am committed to quality customer care through quality equipment and technology. People should be aware of junk technology which can be harmful and more expensive,” she said.

Among the services provided by Amax are Acne (Pimple) Treatment, Age Spot Treatment, Black Head and White Head Removal, Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Therapy, Milia Removals, Permanent Hair Removal, Pigmentation Removal, Skin Needling, Skin Rejuvenation with Photo Therapy, Skin Tag Removal and Spider Veins or Broken Capillary Treatment.

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