Laundromat takes off your load

Lambie Laundromat was established in January 2014, after identifying a need for a modern, spacious and clean self-service laundromat with large capacity washers and dryers.

The result is an ultramodern facility with the very latest in washer/dryer technology from Electrolux of Sweden.

The aim was to achieve a combined washing/drying time of one hour or less and in most cases this has been achieved due to the high efficiency and cost effective machines.

The drying times in particular are truly impressive.

You wont easily find another laundromat fitted out to this standard.

The self-service laundromat concept is growing in popularity in Auckland.

It has become a place of convenience and a place to meet with other families and friends and enjoy the weekly washing process.

With water and power prices constantly rising, it makes sense to use a laundromat such as Lambie.

Our machines, both washers and dryers, handle up to four times the load capacity of a domestic washing machine and instead of spending four hours doing that amount of washing at home, it only takes 30 minutes at Lambie.

We can dry a huge load in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

Doesnt it make sense to have all that washing and drying done in as little as one hour which will not only save you money and your precious time to spend on other more important things in life?

Give us a try. You will be impressed. We have a money change machine and detergent dispenser on site.

Alan Johnson is Director of Lambie Laundromat. The above material was supplied by him.

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