Lawyer responds to MP’s take on immigration

Lawyer responds to MP’s take on immigration

Alastair McClymont
Auckland, October 16, 2019

In reference to Michael Woods’ response (Here) to my article, I am delighted to see that he has now resorted to personal attacks against me and my firm, as personal attacks are generally a good indication that criticism has hit its mark.

Whilst Mr Woods refers to members of the Indian community having already approached him about the issue of partnership visas, his response does betray a significant lack of understanding of the issue, and perhaps that he should examine the issues in a little more detail.

The real issue

The INZ declines acknowledge that the relationships are genuine.

So the issue is not, as claimed by Mr Woods, about INZ needing to determine if the relationship is genuine at all. They have accepted that it is genuine, but have declined the visas because the sponsor has chosen to return to New Zealand to work, rather than wait in India for the partner’s visa to be processed.

Further, blaming the issue on the application backlog and staff shortages doesn’t answer the question about why INZ have suddenly, after decades of acknowledging the cultural aspects of Indian marriages, have suddenly decided to no longer recognise this particular cultural practice.

One suspects that once the backlog has been cleared, with mass declines, the Minister intends to then take credit for clearing up the backlog.

Its all very well for Mr Woods to claim to be working on the problem, but how does that help the people declined today, or yesterday or last week? What solution is he offering them? Or is it that they don’t count for empathy as they are not the right type of New Zealander deserving of compassion?

Alastair McClymont is an Immigration Law Specialist at McClymont & Associates, Barrister & Solicitors based in Auckland. Labour MP and Chief Whip of the Parliamentary Labour Party Caucus had exercised his Right of Reply in our October 15, 2019 print and web editions. The above is Mr McClymont’s response.

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