Light and Sound Show, a grandson’s tribute on ANZAC Day

RNZ, Auckland, April 25, 2018

One of the artists behind an Anzac Day Light and Sound Show, and whose grandfather fought at Gallipoli, says that the occasion is about keeping family stories alive.

About 200 people were at St David’s Church in Central Auckland last night for the opening of the art event Southern Star – Te Tonga Whetu o te Rangi which featured band music, choirs and bagpipes.

Sean Winterbottom, whose grandfather, Fred Marriot, fought at Gallipoli as a teenager, was one of the artists who created a light projection onto the Church.

Family History

Anzac Day was a time to remember his family history, he said.

“In a lot of families, grandparents are the stuff of legend and (we try to) keep that legend alive in the stories,” Mr Winterbottom said.

“I think he (Fred Marriott) signed up when he was 16, 17 years old at Gallipoli,” he said.

Mr Winterbottom said his grandfather survived Gallipoli, went on to fight at Greece and the Somme before also serving in World War II.

His piece, Toa, is about the warrior spirit that soldiers carried with them to war and their connection to the land at home.

Shedding light on ANZAC

The director and curator of the event, Paul Baragwanath said that the three light projections were selected based on the Southern Star brass pin created by Warwick Freeman.

The event was an important occasion, he said.

“This is a very special time of remembrance, it has been 100 years since (the end) of World War I and it is going to be another 100 years before we commemorate the bi-centenary. Now is our last opportunity to really remember them in a very meaningful way,” he said.

The two-other works include pieces by Jeff Smith and Johann Nortje.

The light projections will continue until Saturday night.

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Photo Caption:

Interactive light projection piece by Johann Nortje

Photo: RNZ Photo by Jessie Chiang

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