Liquor delivery service solves more than one issue

Harmeet Sehgal

New Zealand is coming to grips with on-demand liquor sales and its rapidly changing the way people shop for alcohol.

The liquor industry constituted to $434 Million is sales for the June quarter nationally.

Boosted by buoyant inbound tourism particularly sports tourism, liquor sales increased by 15% from the same quarter previous year.

Increase in demand for liquor has led to innovative ways of servicing customer needs and on-demand liquor delivery is now a reality that is changing the way Aucklanders are shopping for liquor.

Forefront of the change are companies like ‘My Beer Case’ who have combined innovative technology and good old-fashioned customer service to turn first-time customers into advocates of the business.

Stimulating demand

It is about stimulating demand for on-demand liquor delivery.

Our customers are demanding and we strive to exceed their expectations every time.

Right through from product ranging to delivery, our customers see the value in using our services. On our first-few deliveries, the expression of our customers was – don’t know how this will work!

We have since won their trust and confidence by providing a consistent professional service backed with a core set of values.

Engaging with customers

With a hospitality and a communications degree, I engage with customers to have the same experience as at a liquor outlet.

We would expect the attendant at a bottle shop to know about his product and communicate effectively ensuring customers get what they’re looking for. At My Beer Case, we have created the same experience but on the online space.

The topic of liquor delivery and the policing around it has been heavily debated.

But for the public it is pretty much why can’t liquor be delivered like everything else?

As easy as it sounds, on-demand liquor delivery comes with its own set of challenges. Staff have to be adequately trained in delivering liquor to a premises.

Range of Solutions

There are a range of situations that can arise when liquor is involved and primary focus is to ensure that the Sale of Liquor Act is upheld whilst also ensuring safety and security of the delivery crew. Although remote sellers are considered low risk, we don’t want to contribute towards a ‘fast food style’ liquor delivery service.

Appeals were lodged against the Provisional Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy in 2015 considering the opening hours of Off Licences operating in Auckland. As a result, Auckland Council was asked to reconsider the element of specific policy on hours within which alcohol may be delivered from remote sellers. In the ‘Amended’ Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy, the specific policy on hours for remote sellers has been deleted – thus allowing remote sellers to deliver as per the normal operating hours pursuant to the conditions on their Off Licence. Also under the amended policy.

Delivery fee and time

My Beer Case delivers liquor for a $5 delivery fee within the hour and the convenience factor outweighs the delivery charge. Apart from the convenience, customers realise the importance to not drink driving.

We have customers that live within walking distance from a supermarket but choose to order through us. People therefore realise the importance of not driving under the influence and are choosing the right option.

The company hasn’t encountered any liquor related issues where they have had to refuse delivery but state that all delivery drivers are trained in the Sale of Liquor Act and there is always a Manager on Duty.

Breaking barriers

The ease and the convenience of liquor delivery has broken international barriers and the business is experiencing sales growth and orders internationally and domestically.

There has been a steady increase in orders coming from the US and Europe for commercial and personal deliveries.

The company employs three delivery drivers and currently service Central, Eastern and Western suburbs in Auckland and is adding on the North Shore soon.

My Beer Case lists over 350 products on their website and offers everything from beers to spirits – including some rare single malt whiskies.

The selection includes top liquor brands at competitive prices.

We have got a good mix of international and domestic liquor brands that our customers consume. Commercially, it’s been viable with stock moving fast and our prices are competitive.

Advocate for industry

Over 95% of our wines are from New Zealand and we want to advocate for the New Zealand Wine Industry that produce spectacular wines. We buy from local suppliers and support the national liquor trade to ensure consistent supply.

The company is extending its digital offerings as well as logistics to encounter the busy influx of orders it forecasts over the festive season for businesses and Christmas deliveries. It is also considering a gift delivery service with speciality deli items to go with liquor sales.

My Beer Case is an on-demand alcohol delivery service operating under a remote off licence servicing the grater Auckland area.

The service delivers liquor and other beverages to consumers within the hour through orders placed on its website. The popularity of the service is growing and increasing number of Aucklanders are choosing to have their alcohol delivered changing the way people shop for alcohol. The delivery service has trained delivery drivers providing a convenient and professional service.


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