Lockdown underscores tenets of Hindu Dharma

Lockdown underscores tenets of Hindu Dharma

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Auckland, August 15, 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the world around us.

In light of the recent events and discovery of community transmission cases of Covid-19 in Auckland, the New Zealand government has taken the decision to place the Auckland region in Alert Level 3 and rest of the country in Alert Level 2.

We attribute the following to Vinod Kumar, President, Hindu Council of New Zealand.

The Hindu community of New Zealand stands in solidarity with all those working tirelessly to protect lives in such trying times. It gives us the opportunity to revisit our values, responsibilities and our Dharma towards the people around us, to the country and our community.

Dharma stands for (a) Universal principle, law, duties, righteousness that brings peace, progress and harmony (b) Encompasses all, including self, family, society and the world, entire nature (c) That which sustains the natural order of being.

Statutory requirements

The government advice is clear and requires Aucklanders to do the following:

“Under Alert Level 3 you should continue to stay in your household bubbles whenever you are not at work or school. You must stay within your household bubble but can expand this to connect with close family and whānau, or bring in caregivers, or support isolated people.

“It is important to protect your bubble. Keep your bubble exclusive and only include people where it will keep you and them safe and well. If anyone within your bubble feels unwell, they must immediately self-isolate from everyone else within your bubble.

:Do not invite or allow social visitors, such as friends, family and whānau, to enter your home.”

Hindu Council of New Zealand President Vinod Kumar

Confusing and Challenging 

Times like this can be confusing and challenging, so here are some suggestions on how to continue practicing Hindu Dharma: (1) Pray at home, with your family, in your bubble (2) Spend time with your family to discuss what it means to be Hindu (3) Appreciate the divinity that exists in everything around us (4) Meditate to support mental wellbeing and connect with the oneness that exists in all living organisms (5) Connect with your communities online (6) Practice social distancing (7) Practice good hand hygiene and (8) Use a mask when out and about

Requests to Hindu Priests

It is the time that many people may be requesting Purohits and Pundits to do poojas at their home.

We request our purohits and pundits to make pooja available via online means. Visiting people’s homes to perform pooja, if outside of your extended bubble, will be in violation of Alert Level 3. Stay at home, other than for essential movement. Stay in extended bubble, which can now include close family members and caregivers.

Weddings and funerals

In the case of weddings and funerals, there are further guidance available on how this can be conducted in line with the alert level requirements. We understand that the times we are requires a lot of compassion and sacrifice, however, it is a time for everyone to come together to protect precious lives.

We appeal to all Hindus, all Aucklanders and all New Zealanders to continue to support and follow the advice of the New Zealand government and related agencies.

Vasudhaiva Kuttumbakam – the world is one family and it is our time to look after our family.

Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations (HOTA) Forum is here to support and provide more information if required.

Further information and official regulations can be obtained here.
Material Supplied by The Hindu Council of New Zealand


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