Love without struggle gets pure and divine

Praneeta Kochhar

“As children, we were fascinated by magic, as adults we fear love, At what point did we forget they are the same thing?” -J R Rogue.

It is often said that love demands sacrifice.

They say that it comes with its own challenges and those who make love stay have indeed decoded one of the greatest mysteries of life.

Love requires you to make adjustments and change according to your loved ones, so that peace and harmony can prevail in your relationship.

Compromises work

When one is faced with troubles in relationships, they are often advised that it needs a few compromises to make relationships work.

And through a series of behavioural and psychological alterations, it would not be such a struggle.

In saying these things, we reduce Love and its magic to something very mundane and transactional. We speak of how those who love you should fit in your life and function as per convenience, and not as the most valued relationships and people who make your world matter in the first place.

The trouble is that we make love a part of the things on our list, and not the most magical force of nature.

True love, towards anyone, should not be such an effort.

The best example is the love of a mother for a child or that of a seeker for his God.

It is selfless, and it is pure. It needs no rules and yet its rules apply universally.

Magical feeling

It is the magical feeling that makes you strive to be a better version of yourself and not a series of life long negotiations and compromises.

It is like the flowers and the breeze. There are no negotiations, no expectations, just a dance of the divine, a moment which lasts an eternity.

In Buddhism, there is a saying, “When you meet someone and they make your heart beat faster and make you weak in your knees, it is not the one. As with a true soulmate you will feel calm. No anxiety, no pressure.”

The natural feeling

When you love someone, and they love you equally, love would just flow. You would see magic in doing the most mundane things together. You would laugh and share your dreams and achieve the highest successes without an effort. Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing and yet you feel happy.

Perfect love, no struggle

Love should just flow, like a river. It should not be a struggle, but a journey. While life might not be perfect at all moments, the magic would still keep you connected and any troubles that appear will seem momentary and will dissolve by themselves.

Humans are conditioned to love. It is as important as breathing. But in our process of ‘evolving,’ we have pushed this basic necessity at the end of our list of priorities and hence, we have forgotten what it should feel to be in love and to live with love.

We need to take the stress out of all relationships and remember the divine feeling called love. And everything else will just disappear. It would be a pure eternal divine dance.

Praneeta Kochhar is a graduate (BA) in Philosophy. She defines herself as a ‘Student of life’ and tries to find a fresh perspective in everyday life experiences. Creative Writing is among her best attributes.


Photo Caption:

A good hug, is a symbol of love and human bond

(Picture by Ashok Kochhar)

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