Mambalam Iyers arrive in Sandringham

People who enjoy quality South Indian food will be happy to know that a wide range of products of Mambalam Iyers (MI) are now available in Auckland.

Suresh Kumar has imported the famous brands for his customers visiting his shops –

RRK Foods Limited and SS Supermarket, located respectively at 687 and 578 Sandringham Road in Auckland.

“MI products are known throughout the world for their quality, taste, hygienic packing and pricing. After considerable thought and discussion with customers, we decided to import a wide range of their products. We will be happy bring a larger variety if there is sufficient demand,” he said.

Healthy Mix

Among the items available under the MI brand are Pepper Rasam Mix, Garlic Rasam Mix, Pudhina Leaf Rice Mix, Ginger Rice Mix and Tomato Rice Mix.

The two retail stores also have extensive stocks of the products of Ambika, another famous manufacturer of food items based in Chennai. The items include a variety of rice mix, pickles, mix-and-eat powders, Appalams and snacks.

“South Indians are our major customers, although people from the rest of India and other ethnic groups have begun to evince interest in our products. I strongly believe in customer satisfaction and work hard with my team to ensure prompt service at prices that are reasonable,” Mr Kumar said.

While RRK Foods has been in business since 2005, SS Supermarket (named after Surya and Sruthi, children of Mr Kumar and his wife Nithya) opened on January 26 this year, to cater to the ever-increasing demand of products from Tamil Nadu.

Today, hundreds of families living in Auckland, Hamilton and other areas visit his supermarkets to take home food items that have stood the test and taste of time.

These include Brinjal Thokku, Onion Thokku, Garlic Podi, Idli Chilly Powder, Kadamba, Karuveppilai Podi Powder, Kothamalli Thokku, Paruppu Podi, Pepper Rasam Paste, Pudhina Thokku, Puli Kachal, Rasam Powder, Sambar Powder, Tomato Pickle, Vathakozhambu Podi and Vathakozhambu Thokku.

Several well-known brands of groceries, snacks, pickles and other items are also available at his supermarkets. Rice varieties comprise ‘Jeera Samba,’ ‘Andhra Ponni,’ ‘Andhra Ponni Parboiled,’ ‘Idly Rice’ and ‘Broken Rice.’

Household appliances

While a wide range of kitchen appliances made in India have been available at RRK since long, Mr Kumar said that he has recently imported many other kitchenware which would attract customers. These include Idli Cooker, ‘Appa Chutty,’ ‘Puttu Kudam’ and ‘Non-Stick Tawa,’ ‘Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer,’ Ultra Grinder’ and gas stoves.

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