Man of the people prepares for a seat at Auckland Council

Venkat Raman

Standfirst: Almost ten years ago, we wrote the following piece in our November 15, 2009 issue. If perseverance has its virtue, then the subject of our interview has created ‘strong and colourful impressions’ almost every day in his long and impressive career. As he stands for the post of a Councillor in the ensuing Local Government Elections, he has what it takes to be a Leader. Here is how:

From Indian Newslink November 15, 2009:

The young man would set out from his home in Takanini, a far away suburb in South Auckland, and walk towards Manukau (a distance of seven kilometres) and knock on almost every commercial door.

Certificates, hope and more

“Sir, I would like work for you; any job would do- cleaning, scrubbing, cooking – anything indeed that would keep me going.”

That was in 1992, when Ilango Krishnamoorthy set foot on this country with a heart full of hope and a brief case full of certificates; among them were documents relating to BSc in Applied Sciences, BTech in Automobile Engineering, a qualification from the Madras Institute of Technology and an MBA from Waikato University.

He did some odd jobs, and later, he joined Mercury Printz in Manukau.

“I knew nothing about printing, but I had learnt a lot about customer service while employed at ‘Ashok Leyland’ back home. I had learnt that with good, efficient and honest service, everything else will fall into place,” he said.

Way with people

He was not wrong. Always clad in simple but elegant attire, he has a way with people. It was not for nothing that he earned the title of ‘Best Behaved Student’ at the Thyagaraja College of Engineering in his native Madurai.

Mr Krishnamoorthy soon realised that the printing business had its own challenges, to cope with which he obtained qualifications in Printing Technology from AUT in 1993. It was a pressing engagement for a year, but he learnt what a printing press does or should do, and more important, the nuances of the trade.

From there on, Mercury Printz began to grow, primarily due to the inimitable traits of integrity, honesty, quality and prompt service that he was able to bring into the business. In 1996, the printing press could account for just a two-colour machine but as sales picked up with quality products and services, the unit deserved more.

Today, the printing press is a fully modernised plant, with state-of-the-art equipment, conforming to computer technology.

Religious Pursuits

Mr Krishnamoorthy may not have a time to call his own after business hours (since these hours go around the clock) but his passion for Tamil took him to Muthtamil Sangam of which he was once President and later to establish the New Zealand Hindu Temple Society to own and manage ‘Thiru Subramaniar Aalayam’ (first in Ellerslie) which is now an important place of workshop located at 69 Tidal Road, Mangere, South Auckland.

Right move to Council

Mr Krishnamoorthy’s decision to seek a seat in the echelons of the Auckland Council is being hailed ‘as the right move, at the right time to strengthen the hands of Phil Goff, if he is re-elected to run the Office of Auckland Mayoralty.

Local government elections will be on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

The Labour Party selected him and Economist and former Labour Cabinet Minister Peter Neilson as its two candidates to contest the  Manurewa-Papakura  Auckland Council positions.

Better Representation

Labour Party Manurewa Electorate Committee Chair Andrew Beyer said that the Party has decided to stand candidates for the two Manurewa Papakura Council positions this year in addition to the Manurewa Local Board to provide better representation for all the communities in Manurewa and more effective Councillors at the Auckland Council,

Mr Krishnamoorthy said that among the regional issues are traffic congestion, affordable housing, better planning for our future and safer communities.

“The other big issue is restoring trust in our Council and Councillors,” he said.


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Ilango Krishnamoorthy

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