Manukau Indian Association marks Kawa Chauth

Dr Primla Khar

Dr Primla Khar

Auckland, November 4, 2020

Festival dedicated to Pink Ribbon- Breast Care Awareness

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I woke up in the early hours of the morning to find the warm glow of moonlight flooding through the window, caressing everything. 

The white ball was almost at a touchable distance, and as my hands reached out to it, it struck me that millions of sisters around the world would be able to see and feel the same Moon at that very moment.

It brought me in proximity to the women of the world as nothing ever before had.

It dawned on me that tomorrow is Karwa Chauth, a traditional Indian Festival during which wives fast and pray for their husbands. 

They break their day-long fast once they see the Moon at night.

The Amazing Woman

This amazing quality of a woman, who is a mother, wife, sister, daughter or a friend, to be a giver, a provider of the ultimate ‘Prana,’ struck me forcefully.

One word in Hindi – Janani – embodies mother, mother tongue, motherland and motherhood.

The most profound of all roles of a woman is Mother. 

I wish all these amazing women a beautiful Festival of Karwa Chauth with a small message.

“O woman! continue to be the giver but don’t forget your own well-being. Practice self-care.

Fighting Breast Cancer

On this day of Karwa Chauth, I request you to remember the Pink Ribbon, a gentle reminder of breast cancer and the need to be vigilant against the beast.

The Indian Association Manukau New Zealand dedicates this year’s Karwa Chauth celebrations to Pink Ribbon Awareness 

Take care, get a mammogram. Till we meet again next year!

Dr Primla Khar is a healthcare professional and President of Indian Association Manukau New Zealand. She is a wife and mother of two children.

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