Minister to attend UN Ocean conference

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry will attend the United Nations Ocean Conference in New York and host UN Secretary General’s launch of ‘The World Ocean Assessment’.

She issued the following statement today:

New Zealand and Barbados co-chaired the process which led to the publication of this landmark document that will help inform the discussion around how we save our oceans.

The Ocean Conference will see for the first time all 193 UN nations come together to compare notes on how the world is implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14; to conserve, protect and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Our reputation

New Zealand has a reputation as a leading voice on oceans and fisheries issues at the United Nations. We plan to highlight our international and domestic activities, our investments in the Pacific’s oceans and fisheries and our effective management of our own marine areas.

A healthy ocean is vital to all our livelihoods and our economy, and attending the conference means we will have an active and visible role in this discussion.

As a strong supporter of the adoption of Sustainable Development Goal 14, New Zealand was one of a core group of countries that supported the convening of the conference.

The UN Ocean Conference will be held from tomorrow (June 5) until June 9, 2017.


Photo Caption: Maggie Barry

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